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Reasonable adjustments in place but emolpoyer give 24 hours notice to go new location without themn

popsoscar Community member Posts: 2 Listener
I have had  reasonable adjustments in place  for over 9 years that work well. However, the current rented building by the employer has had lift break downs  resulting in me and others not being able to get to our desk. Employer stated they would pay as  normal while not able to get there however this is not the case we have only got basic pay. I was told at 5pm on christnas eve i was not working over christmas as expected resulting in a my enhancemenrs lost( hundreds  of pounds) no ability to get food in or make xmas plans leaving me alone all the festive season, ( i have been roted to work all christmas and all new year for the last 12 months as we know in advance) all within a 6 week return after stress.  
On top of this then received a call on 28.12 23 that i wouldnt be expected  back until aroubd 7 12 24 and to ask about the enhancements lost. 
However tonight (2.1.24) at around 21.45 less than 24 hours before what would be my next shift( if i hadnt been told i wasn't in until at least 7.1.24); that i had to travel to another building in another city to work. The journey is approx 1.15 hr away that is before and after a 9.5 hour night shift in a place i have never been too, travelling in the dark,  without the relevant desk equipement i have such as desk top things, special chair and riser desk. My disabilities are both physical and mental. I cannot travel on my own to unknown places, i dont visit unknown plaves alone and dont even visit known places alone i have family or friend support, something work is aware of, a reason I dint hot desk at work.I also physically cant drive that far due to pain and fatigue caused by my medical conditions, this was the reason i currently work in the office i do and have for nearly 10 years. 
I have been guven an ultimatum  of go the4e or dont get paid at all. 
Can they do this? What are my options? 
 I will try to contact  RCN tomorrow  too. 

Thank you


  • Stellar
    Stellar Community member Posts: 131 Pioneering
    they're likely trying to manage you out of the job (constructive dismissal) by using the broken lift situation as an excuse to remove adjustments in the hope you'll resign.

    start looking for another job. while they're not legally allowed to do this, it'd be very difficult and time consuming pursuing legal action against them, which you could do.

    contact ACAS as well.
  • popsoscar
    popsoscar Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you Stellar,
    I did expect thus to be mentioned  as its crossed my mind.
    I could understand managing out if was just me but this doesn't just effect me it effects quiet a lot of us well into double figures on various shifts. 
    I have already been to acas regarding issues with them and won at mediation so i am prepared to do it again
    I have applied for and got other jobs but i find they all make it very difficult for you to work with disabilities especially mobility and mental ones that require specific desk equipment that in some circumstances is hard to move to differnt llocations.therefore I havent took them instead staying where adjustments were already in place and have been ten years. I cant afford fincially to move employment, the hours suit me( ive worked nights ten years changing now would be hard) , the pension is one i cant afford to change now either. They informed all of us it effected we would be paid as normal until the lliftsor a lift was mended, now they have less than 24 hours before a night shift i was told i am not in on told to go elsewhere. i am sure they orobably given others oess notice.  I have offered several times to work at a desk downstairs instead but they are not allowing that. this has been done in the past for months on end
    I will contact acas and the union , im sure others will too. 

  • Jimm_Scope
    Jimm_Scope Posts: 3,251 Scope online community team
    Hi @popsoscar, welcome to our community. I'm sorry to hear about your story, it seemed like it was going fine for so many years? My partner recently had an issue with their employer and refusing adjustments, it's really horrible when the adjustments can be so minor but make such a difference.

    I agree with @Stellar, you should look into contacting ACAS. They have a contact page here, I know you've dealt with them before but it's habit for me to post this incase others reading might be in a similar situation to you! Also I think your union should certainly be contacted over this. Hopefully ACAS can help you get this resolved again. 

    I do think though that maybe it's reaching a point of seeing what other options are out there too. Getting such an ultimatum from your employer would be a strong red flag for me. I understand though if you're very comfortable where you are and want to try and resolve it through mediation first.
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