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Pip assessment

Kate806 Community member Posts: 7 Listener
Hi all , my aunt has a pip assessment over the phone coming up but she won’t do any talking , she never talks to people on the phone even people she knows including myself . She has possible autism and suffers with anxiety. I was wondering if I was able to take the call for her with her present and just saying yes to giving consent for me to speak. I did say on the form and on the phone when we applied she won’t speak on the phone. 


  • bookrabbit
    bookrabbit Community member Posts: 71 Pioneering
    I am like that about phones. I don't even talk to my children over the phone. They won't accept her not talking at all but you could try what I did which was have someone else answer and do the preliminary bits, put the phone on speaker and hold it out so they can hear. I put my hands over my eyes so I couldn't even see the phone and did my best to answer the questions. There was a bad bit at the beginning when they were going to cancel it because I got so upset but my support person talked them into continuing and we got through it. I actually sat in bed with my support person next to me with my eyes covered because that is my safe place and I was literally shaking but it had to be done. I couldn't have done it alone that is certain.

    I am on the autistic spectrum and never go out and get horribly distressed by car journeys because of motion sickness so an in person assessment would have been even worse. I should have had PIP years ago but the process was just impossible for me to face before it became a financial necessity now I am facing homelessness.

    I find telephones intrusive as if someone is in my head so by separating myself from the phone and covering my eyes it was more like talking to someone separate from me but in the room. I usually cover my eyes when talking to people anyway because I find eye contact horrendous too. 
  • Jimm_Scope
    Jimm_Scope Posts: 2,361 Scope online community team
    Hi @Kate806, someone is allowed to be present when the assessment is taking place. Have you specifically asked for the adjustment that someone will speak on her behalf? I understand you've spoken to a call handler with the DWP, but have you also spoken to someone from the assessor about this?

    I'd make sure the assessor knows about this required adjustment, whether it is Capita or Independent Assessment Services, just to make sure there are no issues! You can also ask for it to be recorded or any other adjustments you think might be necessary. You can find out more on this page about PIP assessments from Citizen's Advice.

    Let us know how you get on, and best of luck.
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  • Kate806
    Kate806 Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi jimm so basically they told I can’t speak at all so they have cancelled the appointment and said I need to apply to become an appointee I said this is annoying if only I had been explained this when I initially helped start the pip claim for my spoke on her behalf then and filled in her form. Think the process is pretty silly, how can they expect someone to talk on the phone if they don’t like phones or speaking to people in great length about things when they go quiet if they don’t know the person. 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Community member Posts: 52,363 Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 22
    When you become someone’s appointee are you aware you will be responsible for their whole claim.

    This means you will be responsible for receiving their money into your bank account, if awarded and using that money in their best interests. Or passing the money onto her. 

    You will also be responsible for reporting any changes and filling out all future forms. https://www.gov.uk/become-appointee-for-someone-claiming-benefits

    Is she able to attend a face to face assessment if you go with her? You can ask for this.
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