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Is this right?

orangeapple57 Scope Member Posts: 11 Listener
So I am feeling a mixture of emotions this week as I tried to make my son's birthday perfect. I saw that the BBC experience was on and closing in February. So I quickly checked accessibility then booked tickets for an adult and a carer. 

The next day I announced to others I booked it and the feedback was bad, "it's only 40mins so you'll need to do something else toake it worth going to London."

Panic set in I started looking for parking and access to other things in the area.... Nothing! It turns out it's in an area of development so there aren't even any cafés that I could safely take myself and son to extend the time we spend there, nor parking and the links customer services sent me were all broken or unhelpful. None of the information gave me answers just more questions.... Where are the disabled bays? If I do park in a normal bay how long can I park there? Hammersmith said I could park but not how long. I felt stressed 😫 So after several tries to get the information about a safe place to park and get a wheelchair out the boot, I resided to ask for a refund and was told "Unfortunately the tickets are non-refundable." Twenty pounds gone!

So I saw an experience day with lizards at wild zoo in halfpenny. I couldn't find the information and day one had already sold out so I booked then contacted for accessibility information and was told under no circumstances could they permit an assistance dog as they'd had several incidents with injured animals. I instantly stated ok thank you please refund me. I haven't received a reply so checked the website to see if I could refund it there and it says tickets are all non-refundable.

Now I'm not being funny but both events were booked a month or more in advance and had the support and reasonable adjustment been made to support us I'd have gone to both. However, I'm now left with £40 bill and I'm not 'allowed' to go. 

I'm cross, frustrated and disappointed 😞
Hugs needed but right now I feel my son's life is being limited by association.



  • kreacher
    kreacher Community member Posts: 73 Connected
    i have had a look at what i think you are on about and it looks very interesting, the first thing you booked, there are a few pubs round the area and i'm sure there will be a mcdonalds, go out and enjoy your day out, i bet your son loves everything you do with him
  • orangeapple57
    orangeapple57 Scope Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Kreacher I scoured the streets on street view but couldn't find any accessible bays to park. It's a 3 hour drive if we are there 40 mins and can't find an accessible safe place to go for coffee. I have food issues (allergic to garlic) so I avoid if I can eating anywhere I don't know or trust. There's no mcd there and as it's void of most but development projects most there is office or homes. I'd be then worried about battery and drop kerbs. I booked thinking it wasxa proper venue with a proper set up 😕
  • JessieJ
    JessieJ Community member Posts: 405 Pioneering
    Hugs, I feel for you. We have to forward plan for most enjoyable days out.
    One idea, I don't know the age of your son or if he'd/you'd be interested, but look up the London museums. The Victoria & Albert has a step free entrance & there are several parking spaces not far from it. The British Museum has a few on site disabled parking spaces, you need to book for one & your entry slot. The Science Museum there are some on street disabled bays. At least the entrance to all is free.

  • orangeapple57
    orangeapple57 Scope Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Thank you JessieJ O did think about going to other places like those the difficulty I then faced was trying to get there and back to the experience. The underground would have been an additional cost and mostly an accessible nightmare. I feel frustrated with the customer service because they were really bad by giving broken links on the website and then vage information and broken links in emails. When then makes you try to fix the issue by finding all the correct information only to find that's just as bad. On Google maps Empress place on street view is sectioned off so you can't see if the parking is suitable. 
  • JessieJ
    JessieJ Community member Posts: 405 Pioneering
    You're welcome, @orangeapple57. Sadly, some customers services have a lot to be desired & they're certainly no good if their website is light on info, it makes no sense. That's why I suggested the museums, as at least they have disabled access & nearby parking.

    I do hope you manage to come up with something & you both enjoy your day.
  • orangeapple57
    orangeapple57 Scope Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Thank you I'm going to try and find an alternative but I feel really annoyed that I'm not getting refunded for a matter that's beyond my control.


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