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Albus' 16 mins a day challenge diary.

Albus_Scope Posts: 2,883 Scope online community team
Hey folks!

As I'm taking part in Scopes 16 minutes of exercise a day challenge, I thought it'd be nice to keep a little diary of what I've been doing. Hopefully this will provide some laughs and also spur people on to either take part themselves, or to sponsor someone they know who's doing it. It's all done through Facebook, but if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still donate. :)

The basic idea is to do 16 minutes of exercise a day, any kind you want. So todays exercise was dog walking. Me, my three pals and my sister.  

The plan was a quick hobble around the block, but as myself and two of the dogs suffer from lower limb issues, the 16 min walk took 27 minutes, with several stops so the dogs could have a good sniff and check out the local "pee mail" as we call it. :D 

I'll need to time things better, as doing this on my lunch break didn't give me a great amount of time to eat my usual Korean instant noodles.  But I'm back, sore and in need of painkillers, but I'm now feeling very positive about the next 28 days, as I've proved to myself I can do this. :)

I apologise for the scary mask, but like all good superheroes, I need to keep my secret identity safe and it was the closest thing to hand. ;)

[Image shows a man in a purple Scope t-shirt and a mask, in a front room, holding a dogs lead and giving a thumbs up]

[Image shows three dogs going for a walk]
That big guy is also Albus. :) 

Thanks for tuning in, I'll be back tomorrow with another update! And for anyone else taking part, what have you been doing for your first day? :)
Albus (he/him)

Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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