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PHSO A better system discussion.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 741 Pioneering
After many years campaigning I have been contacted by the PHSO to discuss my case, the case history, what has gone wrong, and how to put things right.
  This is a long time comming and is not only to discuss my case but others have also been invited to a ZOOM debate to discuss the system, as it would seem my case is not a "one off"  Its 1 1/2 hours of history, questions and answers and will include judges adjudication and what was actually given by way of "benefits" and/or follow ups to amendments being made and logged correctly.
  The biggest problems we have, is when winning any benefit that required outside adjudication, they are never shown to others that they affect, and are also not circulated throught the Benefit offices that there was a fault and to "update" charters or Decision Makers rules to reflect this decision.
  We realise that everything about you is held on a Central Computer, which the DWP access when looking at any claim for benefits.  This is how Universal Credit came about.
  The benefits of this were always for the DWP and many were led to believe that this would cut costs and time in soring a claim for benefits.  Most find that they have a reduced benefit entitlement when all added together.  Why is this? and so who does it really benefit?   


  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 741 Pioneering
    Please remember that this was written here on the 24th February 2024.  before thge release of the "new" Social Care Act, which was a revamp of the 2014 Act, yet they are only going back to 6th April 2016?  Is this called limiting liability again.  But glad for the start date anyway, since all can apply to have their claims revisited, even if they did not receive the benefit as its called the SOCIAL CARE ACT looking at what was provided in after care.


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