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Reasonable Adjustments refused

Mai Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi all,

I'm struggling to recognise if I have been discriminated against, although I feel that something isn't right.

In 2022 I was told that there was going to be a restructure and they'd decided to put me onto a customer facing role and that there was nothing else they could offer.  This triggered my mental health and mental processing to the point I was having very negative intrusive thoughts and I was signed off for several months. (My employer was already aware that I have mental health and neurodiverse conditions).

During 2023 they sent me for two Occupational Health assessments, the first was about capability the second to see what adjustments I needed.  In September 23 they decided that the role they'd chose for me wasn't suitable and said that as consultations had closed in early 2023 there was nothing I or they could do as there was no other roles available.

In October I was put on temporary work and told to check the careers page for any suitable jobs as I was now facing redundancy.  The jobs they suggested were totally unsuitable as they were either very physical, a 3 hour drive away or very short term.

I eventually found a job within the business that would be suitable, I advised my manager who passed on my details to the recruiting manager.  I was told that I would have to apply for the role and to send in my cv, however I would be guaranteed an interview.  I also believed that the details of my reasonable adjustment requests had also been passed to the recruiting manager.

I also had a meeting with HR who advised that as I had the required skill set there shouldn't be a problem with me getting the role.

I was later offered the job but told that they couldn't accommodate any of the reasonable adjustments.  I was told that I would probably find the environment noisy, stressful, too fast paced and challenging.  I feel it was worded so that I had no choice but to turn down the role, that they only offered me the role because of my redundancy status.  I'm now facing a bleak future, the prospect of me finding another job with the same level  of pay at my age and with my health conditions is nearly non existent.

My family keep telling me that I've been poorly treated and they feel I've been discriminated against and I feel the same but struggle to know at what point I need to raise a complaint with my employer.  I have a meeting coming up soon where they will make me redundant and I just feel very overwhelmed with it all.



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