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24/7 package cut to one hour four times a day

martie1118 Community member Posts: 36 Connected
Scope I  desperately need your help, at the moment I have no care at all and they left my care to my 78-year-old sister who is disabled herself with two very painful hips.
 My Social worker has decided in her wisdom to reduce my care from 24/7 to one hour four times a day, I have been having 24/7 care since the Independent Living Fund started in Birmingham.
In December 1998 I moved to Telford Shropshire, a over the years they have been accusing me of everything which I have not done, Social services even called the Police on me because they said that I was fiddling with the books but when they found out that I didn't have access to the wages account only Social services did the Police say there was no case to answer. Then put me in a care agency when it proved that I wasn't in the wrong.  
About a year later they offered me Direct payments which I took because I treasure my independence and freedom so highly.
Some years later a Social worker came out and said that I wasn't paying my contributions, my sister got her bank statements to prove that they were being paid the social worker rang her office and they had no record of it ever being paid although I had been paying for many years. After a few weeks, the social worker came back and my sister asked whether social services found the money because it was a large amount she yes but did not offer an explanation at all of where or any proof that it was found.
A while later Social Services came in and sacked all my carers because they said that carers should have been doing waking nights, I am where they have got from because every letter dating back to 1998 and there is nothing whatsoever mentioning waking nights.
I was told that I have the right to appeal to Social services again all because of this      
I have given back to a care agencies one which abused me, I want carers who are white British and female because I had problems with men years ago. I have been by social services that can't have what I, so they saying that it is alright for me to get abused? I need people to understand me and I need to understand them isn't that my right?     
I have tried to commit suicide many times because of what Social Services have done and still are doing to me, perhaps that is what Social Services wants it would save them a lot of money. 
This is what has happened and then they took my Direct Payments away, my friends and I want to get Social Services to listen but they even discuss it. 

I have been receiving direct payments for many years. Social Services sent a Financial Declaration Form to fill out, we phoned Social Services numerous times and left messages, If only a social worker answered one call to fill the form out and none this would have happened. Now they have taken my fantastic team of five carers away from me and also my freedom and independence, Social Services has employed a care agency at an incredible cost to themselves with your money. Below are the figures and if you agree Telford & Wrekin Council is wasting your money. I want to save you the taxpayer's money and enjoy the rest of my life. I am 65 years old and suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Depression the worry and tremendous unnecessary pressure Social Services have put me under is causing me to have many seizures which is not doing any good health-wise.


£23.00 - £10.50 = profit for the care agency = £12.50 per hour day and night.
The Company Yearly Profit = £91.980 (overall paid £201.480)

My Direct: payments package 24/7 £11.00 per hour = £96,360 (Yearly Profit None)

Surely, I am not the only person they have done this to not only in Telford & Wrekin Council but in all the Councils up and down the country, I want to put a stop to their wastefulness of your taxpayer's money. After all, they keep saying that they don't have the money to go around, this is the reason.

My Social worker emailed me this:

I must remind you that you have been previously advised by senior managers from Adult Social Care that your direct payments will not be reinstated. But you are within your rights to request the information.

Why haven't I got the right to appeal directly to Social services, after all, a prisoner has.

Social Services sacked my five fantastic and not be reinstated. But you are within your rights to request the information. devoted carers, who cared for quite a few years, they did everything for me, they took me out to wherever I wanted to go and we went out for meals together. We all had plenty of laughs and enjoyed life. Unfortunately, that is all gone because Social Services said they wanted to save money. Actually, they are spending a lot more now look at actual costings, where is their logic?

Now I am stuck in the same four walls struggling with my mental health. I would like to be out in the community and be able to enjoy the rest of my life. I had a fantastic team of carers, I know that you can’t do anything, but I am actually crying typing this part because nobody knows how Social Services have ripped my body and soul apart. , I can't be the only disabled person in the UK Social Services is doing this too surely.

Please help me to get back my independence and freedom.

Thank you, 




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