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Blurred vision still undiagnosed

bluebeetle1976 Community member Posts: 14 Listener
I have been to another Ophthalmologist today and I still have no diagnosis!!


  • gemini83
    gemini83 Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    I have also had this with no diagnosis since 1990.

    Eventually, i was registered Visually Impaired in 2016 by the Ophthalmologist at the eye hospital, have you asked about this?

    They will likely determine that the vision has just reduced to a certain level then stabilised with no improvement based on history of testing if no sign of improvement.

    I would defiantly request to see your consultant about this.
    Best Wishes,
  • johndtay
    johndtay Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    You may find some good opticians in your area. I must admit, Specsavers and Boots should be good to look at. I would also suggest speaking with your doctor and get a hospital refferal. It could be an undiagnosed cartrac. 
  • JessieJ
    JessieJ Community member Posts: 493 Pioneering
    I would agree with the Specsavers shout, after calling them out to test my sight again, as I had blurred & double vision, plus a 'blob' shadow top left eye. They prescribed me prism lenses (which sadly didn't help) & also referred me to the eye hospital. The appointment came through quickly & I've been toing & froing to there for a couple of months now, whilst they scan, test, scan & test again. Hopefully will know what's what soon. I have got cataracts in both eyes that will be sorted, but they're not the problem apparently. 

    Glad I go to Specsavers or that they come to me!
  • bluebeetle1976
    bluebeetle1976 Community member Posts: 14 Listener
    what do you do everyday with your vision loss in both eyes?  I try and watch TV I can’t focus properly on it but I can sort of see what’s going on.
  • Zimba
    Zimba Community member Posts: 1,873 Pioneering
    edited April 3
    HI @bluebeetle1976 is the whole tv screen blurry or just parts of it?
  • bluebeetle1976
    bluebeetle1976 Community member Posts: 14 Listener
    I can’t focus on it properly 
  • Zimba
    Zimba Community member Posts: 1,873 Pioneering
    Hi @bluebettle1976 do you wear glasses normally? Have they given you no answers to why your vision is blurry?


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