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Birthdays in a year.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 741 Pioneering
Today is my birthday.


Today is my Birthday

I’m 4 years old today,

I’ve been waiting for ages and ages

For the time to go

But now that I am four

I can do the things I want,

So I started by getting up

OH yes, at Stupid O’clock.

I thought my mummy was asleep

as I jumped onto her bed

the blankets were tucked tightly, right over her head

but she was only pretending, the blankets over her head.

I said so quietly, Mummy are you up today

to which she replied, OH, let me go back to bed.


I went to climb off the bed, a little sad, I suppose

How could you have forgotten, my very special day

But, instead, she jumped up and shouted  SUPRISE, SURPRISE

Not only was my mum, under those blankets in bed

my brother with the dog, grandma, and granddad all huddled in the bed.


It kind of shocked me, and I almost fell off the bed.

One minute I was in silence, now everyone cheering, Happy Birthday

This has to be the best day, that I’ve ever had,

and just when I thought it could not get any better

she shouted, let's go downstairs, there is more on show

and open up the door with presents on the floor.


I was so excited to open up those presents there

And spent the next 20 minutes

ripping paper and throwing it on the floor

Dolls and makeup, and dress-up clothes

A princess outfit, and a mermaid dress,  

the one I always wanted as well


Now it is time to get dressed because there is one more surprise

I’m going to Bambo’s let’s see if Nanny goes down the slide.

I’ve only been up a few hours, Oh what a great day today

Well, it would be because it is MY BIRTHDAY and I’m 4 ALL DAY.


To Gracie, from Granddad                                             21/03/2024.

  It is my Grand Daughters Birthday today and we gave her a start to remember.

Hope you enjoy this.



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