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Out and About with Siblings

LauraLil Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Wondering if I could get some advice. I have three year old twins, one twin has CP, can not walk and has limited mobility. 
Im struggling with taking them out especially on my own to play centres/the park/the shops etc.

One twin wants to run off and play whilst the other has to be held or cant complete the activity.
I dont want to hold one twin back by keeping her in the pushchair etc or only allowing her to play in the baby part of soft play to keep her with her twin but I also dont want to let her do what she wants whilst her sister has to watch on. 

If one twin walks around the shops, the other wants to too. But she isnt able and i have to either hold her up or say she cant come out of the pram which causes a lot of tears, as i cant push the buggy, hold her up and chase the other twin!

I work full time Mon - Fri so heading out at the weekend is busier than midweek for play centres/shops and there are limited childrens groups running at these times.

They arent old enough to understand there is any difference between them and just see this as our normal, which is great as they love each other for who they are but im forever feeling guilty and worried theyre missing out on experiences as its easier to stay at home then risk the stress of being out.

Any ideas on how youve managed siblings with different physical needs would be great. 



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