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Work place discrimination

sceneparade Community member Posts: 95 Courageous
I saw an email exchange between manager and supervisor, regarding me. The email referred to me as "funny", but in negative connotation, For example, weird, odd or strange. 

I pointed it out to the manager and she said she would speak to them about it. 

I feel that she is just saying that to cover the person, as everyone there is friendly with each other. 

They all know I have Asperger's, so I am assuming the remark was about my appearance, or the way I act or look. 

Is this discrimination and a hate crime? 

What should I do? 

Is it grounds for instant dismissal? 

Reason being: If I was a person that was trans and they called me "funny" it would be P45 territory, so what is the difference?


  • Zimba
    Zimba Community member Posts: 1,873 Pioneering
    edited March 27
    @sceneparade if it was me, I would ask for clarification in writing to the manager stating what you had read in the email and what was the exchange verbally between you and the manager and ask if its been acted upon but I would be polite in my approach.
  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 4,081 Scope online community team
    edited March 27
    Hi there @sceneparade I'm sorry to hear about the emails. 
    They'd not be classed as hate crimes, as no actual crime has been committed. But it could be used as grounds of discrimination. But I would recommend speaking to your manager again about this. 
    Trans people are also covered under the 2010  Equality Act, so it would be the same for either scenario. 
    Albus (he/him)

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • sceneparade
    sceneparade Community member Posts: 95 Courageous
    I spoke to the manager yesterday, and she was covering for the person who called me funny. She said she doesn't see how it is discrimination. She said when he said "a funny guy approached the counter today" that they meant the situation is funny and not that I am funny. To me it was clear what was meant. 

    Also, I feel there is no hope of promotion within the company for me. I am overqualified for my current role, but won't be given promotions. 
  • Bashford61
    Bashford61 Community member Posts: 38 Courageous
    How have you been treated before you knew about the e-mail?  Is it only an issue once you knew of the e-mail? Have you suffered any other "discrimination"? You may have a case if people are being promoted above you with fewer qualifications but other factors may be at play here also. 

  • sceneparade
    sceneparade Community member Posts: 95 Courageous
    How have you been treated before you knew about the e-mail?  Is it only an issue once you knew of the e-mail? Have you suffered any other "discrimination"? You may have a case if people are being promoted above you with fewer qualifications but other factors may be at play here also. 

    Before the email, they seemed okay. However, based on the email exchange, it is obvious between themselves they have negative opinions of me. 

    After speaking to the manager, I came out and overheard the guy who called me "funny" in the email on the phone to another colleague, mentioning my name and with a negative tone. I didn't catch all of it, except my name and the negative tone. 

     I was a driving instructor and assessor up-until January. I worked indirectly for this company via a third-party training company, who they used to train their trainees up. When three permanent positions for instructor came up, I was told to apply. I did. But then they told me I had an interview and missed it, which I didn't. I was never told. I checked may emails and even the email delete basket and there was nothing. I asked to rearrange it and they said no because the job was closed. This was a lie because my friend from my company was away at the time on holiday and he had an interview when he retuned - 3 weeks later. He got the job. 

     They were looking to employ another three instructors in June this year. I came up with an idea that they could employ me as a relief instructor until a permanent position became available. They said it was a good idea, and they would check with HR. I applied to join them directly, in the hope of being relief instructor. When I informed the training manager I had joined the directly, they bluntly said "yes x as a driver, not a trainer. 

     The issue is, I have been informed by other instructors that they have employed relief instructors over me. A relief instructor is an unqualified instructor who covers for when an actual instructor is away. I AM a qualified instructor. I am more qualified than the instructors who are working there. I am trained by the DVSA and their instructors are not. Logically, I should have easily got the job over relief instructors. 

     I recently heard from my colleague again that a relief instructor quit, so I emailed the training manager and asked to apply. They told me there is no job and no intentions of posting any vacancies in the near future. 

    When working via third-party, I had a 100% pass rate, an 100% accurate judgement rate of who would make is as a driver and pass the exam. When I referred them back because I did not believe they had what it takes to pass, they went with another instructor and ALWAYS failed the driving test - as I could see. Hence 100% judgement rate. In addition, I had commendations from trainees. I was also told by the second in charge who works there directly that I was a "good instructor." 

    I have what it takes, and proved it. But I believe they won't offer me the job as I have Aspergers and say what I think. I can be blunt. Even though it was no hindrance to getting people through the tests. 


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