Have you ever supported a cause that doesn't advantage you?

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I have come across him lots before but today rediscovered a philosopher called John Stuart Mill who when he wasn't being a philosopher he was a high profile campaigner for equality for women, which he presumably wasn't doing for his own benefit and he was even mocked a bit for at the time

Obviously any changes brought about by any campaign will cause ripples, however small, that affect everyone. Putting that aside, though, I was wondering if anyone here has ever supported some kind of cause, when that cause does not have any really direct impact on you?

I donate to or otherwise try to help multiple causes, but it struck me that all of them have some kind of quite strong link to myself...they are things like disability, animals (we have pets) cancer (which has affected relatives) or whatever

I don't think that's conscious selfishness on my part, I didn't do it own purpose, but maybe it's some sort of natural bias?


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    I have to admit I only really support causes that have a link to myself to be honest. I support crohns and colitis UK, National Autistic Society, Scope and Sponsor Elephants through WWF (Because they are my favourite animal).

    However I do ocassionally shop and donate at my local charity shops but depends what they have in, but when bored I always pop in and have alook. I have a cancer research shop and RSPCA Shop on my road but I think thats mainly becuase they are close to me.

    Other than that I have ocassionally donated to people in need on just giving, however I am dubious of this as I hear now and then people scam on there and don't have the cause they are saying and just want money. So if I donate on there I always do my full research on the person.

    I think it has to do with everyone feeling the pinch nowadays and hardly have spare cash to do things, so are more careful with their money. So are more likely to donate or sponsor things you are actively interested in or passionate about and have a link too.
    I have Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Gilberts Syndrome and Crohn's Disease and have knowledge in these areas.

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    Thinking about it the causes I support have no connection to me or mine, I support causes related to social justice in other countries, and to children in foreign countries, I refuse to donate to things like children in need or comic relief as they appear to me to be self serving.

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    I'm not sure I give because I have a connection, yes, animal charities as I love animals. Then no connections, hospice charities, Medicins Sans Frontieres & always DEC. Really, it's how my heart feels & if I have any money that isn't spoken for.
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    @Ada I hope you or no one else thought I was suggesting selfishness, I think it's great if to help any good cause out regardless of if it is connected with you or not :blush:

    Thanks all for the different insights :)
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    Most of the causes I donate to do not and probably will not directly affect me.  I've never really thought about it in that way though.

    Tbh I get put off of donating to any causes that I've attempted to access without any positive outcome and can't see what the money is actually used for.  (That's a lot of MH charities in my case!)
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    I support a few charities I've sort of had need of .. eg. Welsh Air Ambulance

    The one I support just from the advert alone is SightSavers.  The thought of kids suffering with Trachoma is too much. to comprehend  Anything with my eyes and I'm a baby so if a lil' bit helps relieve someone's suffering, it's worth the price of a coffee
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    I support the ones I have a  connection with.