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Company Takeover and Disability

feelfree101 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on where I stand if I do, the company I work for is due to be taken over by another organisation as they won the contract when it went to tender, this process as been going on for some time and last week we were told that the current organisation as blocked the new organisation taking over from talking to current employees about anything to do with jobs, contracts etc until the date of the date of the takeover, my concern is I have Autism and ADHD which my current organisation knows about and this is obviously all extremely upsetting and not helping as I'm constantly in a state of worry and it's really effecting my health, my question is with having a disability, is there anything out there law wise or just in general that says my current employer has to allow the new employer to talk to me before the takeover date due to having a disability? 


  • MW123
    MW123 Scope Member Posts: 558 Pioneering
    @feelfree101 Welcome to Scope

    In the UK, it's not uncommon for companies undergoing a takeover to restrict communication between the acquiring company and employees until certain points in the process. This can be for various reasons, such as confidentiality concerns, legal considerations, or to maintain stability within the workforce during the transition period.

    However, it's also common for the acquiring company to eventually engage with employees to discuss the transition, potential changes, and address any concerns they may have. In many cases, this communication occurs closer to the completion of the takeover, once key details have been finalised and decisions about the future of the workforce have been made.

    While restrictions on communication between the acquiring company and employees prior to the completion of the takeover are not unusual, it's important for both companies to handle the transition with sensitivity and respect for the rights and well-being of employees. This includes considering any individual needs or circumstances, such as disabilities, and making reasonable accommodations where necessary. If you have concerns about the lack of communication or how it's impacting you, it may be helpful to raise these concerns with your current employer.
  • Rosie_Scope
    Rosie_Scope Posts: 2,911 Scope online community team
    Hi @feelfree101, welcome to the community :) 

    Sorry to hear you're feeling stressed out by the company takeover. As MW says above, maybe it's a good idea to have a chat to your current employer about how you're feeling and see if they can help you feel more settled. 

    Is there anything in particular you're really worried about with the takeover?
    Rosie (she/her)

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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