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Hope you are all well ,advice please I have a pip extension until 2025 ,but just had oral cancer (minor) and now diagnosed with dysesthesia, should I send consultants letter now or wait for renewal assessment, any advice welcome had pip originally for transplant and fibromyalgia,asthma  ,body not coping well with immunosuppressants regime  thankyou in advance 


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    HI @fordbridge I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time with the regime, please be gentle with yourself. <3
    With regard to letting PIP know or not, it may be worth thinking if the new diagnosis would have any affect on any of the descriptors on the PIP forms you'd not already mentioned? PIP isn't about any diagnosis, it's about how your disabilities affect each of the descriptors on a daily basis. 
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    OK yes your right something to think on can't really eat only liquids weight lose ,just feel exhausted not sure if I can tackle pip assesors at this present time ? But unsure if I should or shouldn't, many thanks for the reply