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How do you survive only being able to work part time?

looep Community member Posts: 9 Listener
edited April 25 in Work and employment
hi, I’m about to lose my full time job due to my disability. I think I’ll be able to find another job but can’t work full time anymore. I don’t know how bills can be covered if I can’t work full time. I’ve been awarded the lower level of Pip but that and a part time wage doesn’t cover all rent and bills. 


  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 54,519 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @looep have you thought of claiming universal credit? You may get top ups on your wages depending on how much you earn etc 
  • looep
    looep Community member Posts: 9 Listener
    No I didn’t think I’d be able to claim anything if I’m working. Aside from PIP that is. 
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community member Posts: 11,949 Disability Gamechanger
    Unless you have a working partner who's income would be counted then yes you might work p/time and claim UC
    2024 The year of the general election...the time for change is coming 💡

  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 5,242 Scope online community team
    Heya @looep have you had a look at a benefits calculator to see what you could claim? Going from full time to part time can be a very daunting prospect, I totally get that. 
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  • looep
    looep Community member Posts: 9 Listener
    Yes I’ve checked and the amount isn’t enough to cover bills food and getting to work etc. I can’t figure out how people  can manage. If the calculator is correct I’d be better off not working at all and even then it’s not enough to cover everything. 
  • OverlyAnxious
    OverlyAnxious Community member Posts: 2,736 Disability Gamechanger
    Everyone's situation is different.  Some people don't get enough in benefits.  Others get more than they need.  I've personally been on both sides of that.  The system is far from perfect.

    You should be able to get help with rent and council tax reduction if you're on a very low income so housing costs should be mostly covered.  (Unless you live in a much larger property than needed, in that case you may have to consider moving to a more affordable place).

    That just leaves utilities and groceries.  Utilities providers can be switched to cheaper alternatives, and some offer specific social tariffs for those on a low income.  And obviously grocery choices could be altered if necessary.  Worst case scenario you may also be able to access foodbanks for those.

    If your job isn't paying enough to easily cover the transport costs to it, then it doesn't sound like it's financially viable to work part time.  Although I am fully aware of the mental health aspect of continuing to work.
  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Community member Posts: 14,565 Disability Gamechanger
    Sadly that's how it is @looep

    The only way of transitioning away from working full time is by lowering your outgoings

    If you have fixed outgoings like rent, car lease etc, that were taken out while earning a good salary, it's incredibly hard to leave full time work

    As said if you stop working entirely you might be better off with regards to having help with your rent, perverse as that is
  • looep
    looep Community member Posts: 9 Listener
    The k you for your comments. I already live frugally so don’t have things like car finance or internet. I batch cook. Live in a small place in a cheap area. 

    I guess it looks like things are going to get very tough. 
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