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Agoraphobia and Grief

MRkNthnyIII Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Howdy Disco Citizens .
That is Dis go here and Dis go there ,a touch of COD crept in .

Grief is a debilitating illness as well as something we all will suffer at some point,and no two people will suffer the same.

Now to gist of why I registered here today.!

I have received a COVID letter reminding me I can have a jab based on my lowered immune system, Which is all fine and dandy ,Agoraphobia , obvious causes the first issue and that was have noted is a problem for the NHS, My doctor is reluctant to send out anybody, so they get a few choice words. Lots of F's and other alphabeticals in emails. A bit self defeating ,but there you are.!

Broadband Yes, Telephones None. no phone really is what I am asked, no mobile,No is it compulsory I reply, No TV if you interested either. Missing some great Propaganda and tripe ,I think!

How strange I am , Reading is good though and Music is a healer and disturber enough.

Anyhow lots of Drivel , and therefore back to Agoraphobia and actually getting a jab for COVID or any kind of health care.

Is it my fault,Yes , suffering grief that has removed me from (Real Life), Cynical, Hateful,Yes. Rude (Doesn't Help)!.

Let me just say as I end this elongated message. take heart fellow sufferers ,there are those who understand.

By the Way,I am 62 ,A White English Male, (Optional) On Ethnicity/Gender forms apparently, Tailored for discrimination.! 



  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 5,149 Scope online community team
    Heya @MRkNthnyIII and welcome to the community! I hope you're doing ok today?

    Grief is so different but so similar for each person and I'm sorry to hear it's something you've had to deal with, especially with agoraphobia as well. Has your GP suggested any other options to help you with the agoraphobia? It's not for everyone, but I found talking therapy really helped me when I was trapped in the house. 
    Albus (he/him)

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • MRkNthnyIII
    MRkNthnyIII Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi , I always do all the Talking,that's the trouble.! Having Strong Opinions is not acceptable for many,frightened by the reality headlights I believe. 
    Sertraline , LOL ,the Doctors Friend.
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