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Job centre hassling me?

Foxywillow Community member Posts: 4 Listener
I hope I'm posting this in the correct category...I really need some help please...I am currently off sick from my 20 hour per week job due to autistic burnout. I've been off since March, although I have tried unsuccessfully to go back twice. Since I've been off the job centre have started making me have weekly appointments with them for updates, either in person or by video call. 
Because I'm in burnout I have tried as much as possible to reduce demands so I can recover, and just the thought of these appointments is making me incredibly anxious and physically sick. My stomach is churning just writing about it. I'm in the limited capacity for work category anyway, so do the job centre have any right to make me do these appointments? They know I'm autistic and cannot usually cope with interacting with people. I have a video call with my work coach again tomorrow (I had to push for that as she wanted me to go in person again) and I'm dreading it. Thank you for reading (sorry it's so long 😔) 


  • Jimm_Scope
    Jimm_Scope Posts: 3,249 Scope online community team
    Those in the LCW category do still have to attend "work-focused interviews" and "work-focused training". You are not required to apply for jobs.

    But it sounds like you have a job, you're just off ill from the job right? The work-focused interviews are meant to go over what can be done to help you get back into work. At your first one I would highly suggest driving the point home that the best action plan for you getting back into work in the short-term is not requiring weekly appointments with them.

    I know it can be difficult, but perhaps there could be some long-term thinking about how your job could adapt to decrease the chance of burnout @foxywillow?
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  • Foxywillow
    Foxywillow Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thank you for replying to me 😊
    As I said in my op, I've been off for a while and tried to go back in a couple of times but had a panic attack on the way there and got in a right state about it. I've put a message in my journal to them this morning about my situation so maybe that will help? Unfortunately the environment at my work is not conducive to a happy autistic me, it's incredibly loud, bright and hot which sends me into sensory overload. There are no accommodations which can be made to get round those things because that is the environment of the job.
    BTW, the burnout is not caused by my work. It is a result of masking my autism for 50 years until my official diagnosis last year. I am mentally and physically exhausted. 
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