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Advice on volunteering?

becw Community member Posts: 9 Connected

I'm 27 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 5 years ago and haven't been in any type of work since then, my mobility isn't great most days but I really miss working. I used to work in nurseries and schools, but know that wouldn't be a realistic role for me now.

I'm struggling to think of/find volunteering that won't affect my conditions (e.g. charity shops require standing and carrying things etc.)

I'm moving in with my boyfriend in October (and further away from my family) he works long hours, so finding something to do I'm hoping will help keep my mental health in check.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you in advance😊


  • Rosie_Scope
    Rosie_Scope Posts: 3,102 Scope online community team

    Hi @becw 😊

    Do you think you could manage some things from home? You could always ask around a few charities or organisations to see if they have any volunteer roles that are more home-based. Maybe admin stuff like answering emails or writing newsletters, or helping with social media.

    Local community groups might also appreciate some admin help that you could either do from home or do in short bursts if you're able to give some time in person, it's always worth asking around to see what's available. Things like kids clubs, theatre or dance groups, or community groups for older people might be worth a look.

    I hope you can find something!

    Rosie (she/her)

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • becw
    becw Community member Posts: 9 Connected

    That's a good idea, I will look into that. Thank you!

  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Community member Posts: 14,647 Disability Gamechanger

    Just an idea but would being some kind of "buddy" be a viable suggestion??

    I read about charities that have a pool of people who are willing to be "buddies" then when someone needs an unofficial advocate or just someone to accompany them to somewhere, and has no one else, they are offered the most suitable person from the pool

    It's usually people with certain needs and stuff so some kind of extra caring nature would probably be desirable but if you worked in a nursery you likely have that already

    It sounds like that would benefit you as well as the other person

  • becw
    becw Community member Posts: 9 Connected

    I hadn't heard of that before, that sounds like a good option. I'll definitely do some research, thank you!

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