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Hello I’m Natalie

Natz40 Community member Posts: 20 Connected

hello I’m Natalie .

I’m 41 late diagnosed ASD . I also have kyphosis ( my spine curves out and that makes my rib cage stick out ) I get pain feels like a heavy dull ache across my top part where the arch is . I have mental health issues, social anxiety, anxiety and I do feel ADHD but don’t have the spoons to even bother getting a diagnosis.
I haven’t worked/ been able to since 2014 as when I tried , I would get sick dizzy, my stomach would bloat due to being constantly stood up then sat down also bending down , etc , coming home crying, feeling angry , not being able to properly communicate with customers and sometimes this would be in a rude way . Masked heavily which is why I would come home crying. My daughter is 21 and lives with me as she helps me out on the days I’m struggling so she will cook hot meals as I can not cope with the overwhelming heat and steam in kitchens ! She will hoover and also make sure I eat as I have had and still do have an eating disorder, will only eat certain foods at the same time , I won’t go on as maybe someone who reads this can relate as some of this is from being autistic. I joined the forum as I emailed scope due to the horrible benefits rules they are trying to implement.
I am terrified and although I have hidden disabilities this affects my life every day .

I also have PPPD which is persistent postural perceptual dizziness. When it’s bad it’s bad and can’t mange a walk , but I feel the dizziness every day and this sounds strange but I can’t walk on bright pavements and go near puddles because I panic and feel disoriented

My last pip review was so traumatic I couldn’t speak for days . My daughter witnessed it all as she was present as it was over the phone . They took me of it but she helped me get it back it didn’t go too tribunals as they had no proof things had changed which they haven’t.

I would love to be part of this community and hopefully make friends who understand and don’t judge me .


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