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I'll Health Retirement

roundabout123 Community member Posts: 2 Listener

Ok a question if anyone has experience or has been thought this!

I have applied for ill health retirement at work due to the progression of my condition I have an occupational health appointment at the end of June.

My line manager has scheduled a meeting next week as HR want to know what my plans are if the ill health retirement (IHR) is turned down, and what reasonable adjustments would keep me in work

I feel like this is unfair and I could potentially risk the IHR if I state my plans at this stage.

Currently my Drs have signed me off work.

A little advise or pointers would be welcome


  • Bydand
    Bydand Community member Posts: 116 Pioneering


    Generally speaking I’ll health retirement application should be a very last resort for both you and your employer to contemplate and is usually as a result of long term health concerns, long term sick periods over years and having already tried and more importantly exhausted all reasonable adjustments that could be made.

    Most people applying for IHR are so ill they have no choice but to go down the IHR route.

    I’ll health applications are tested against various criteria and the above would definately be considered as to whether or not to even progress your application….the onus is on you to prove a sufficient ill health timeline and the measures that you and your employer have tried. An application for IHR would also likely be expected as part of ongoing OH contact and they would likely need to report to your employer that your condition warrants IHR at this time or if there are other avenues still To go down. I doubt an application would be successful if OH haven’t been involved and have agreed that IHR is appropriate.

    I went through the IHR process and can give you pointers , I would just need a bit more info such as the below.

    1/ Have you been of sick (whether short or long term) and over how long a period.

    2/ Has your employer referred you to OH and what has been their recommendation

    3/ have you already tried reasonable adjustments. Is there any adjustments you believe would help you.

    4/ have you already started the IHR application and if so has this already been sent away.

    5/ how long have you been employed and do you have a workplace pension

    Fire away if you have questions


  • Bydand
    Bydand Community member Posts: 116 Pioneering

    In response to you stating that you do not want to inform your employer of your plans, I find that a bit confusing.

    Do you expect to keep your job if you do not get IHR? Because if so that isn’t likely to happen. By submitting an IHR application you are effectively stating to your employer that you feel that you are no longer fit for your job or role within that job… is highly likely that an employer after an unsuccessful IHR application would have to let you go based on the fact that you applied in the first place. I am surprised that they have even raised it with you.

    You are either fit for work or you are not. You cannot be halfway once you start the IHR process which is why you need to be absolutely sure that you have exhausted all other avenues and IHR is the last resort as you genuinely cannot work.

    Are you seriously at the point where IHR is your only option? . IHR isn’t easy to get and you need to be sure that you are going to meet all the criteria, there cannot be room for doubt about your eligibility or evidence as related to The IHR policy or the application will fail.

  • roundabout123
    roundabout123 Community member Posts: 2 Listener

    Thanks for responding, I have thought long and hard about this and was considering finishing work anyway because my health was deteriorating, and I was taking more and more sick time, it was only then I came across the IHR process and thought it was worth applying,

    I do not expect to keep my job as recognise I'm incapable of carrying it out to the required standard.


    1,I have had a few periods sick over the last year and been signed off until July.

    2, I have an OH appointment next month.

    3, I retrained into a the only role I felt was applicable, reasonable adjustments I'm happy for suggestions, and suppose I'll need to await the OH appointment

    4, I've started IHR process but believe its not been sent off yet,

    5, Been employed 5 years and have a Work place pension .

  • Bydand
    Bydand Community member Posts: 116 Pioneering

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the extra info, sorry if I came across as a bit doom and gloom about the IHR process but I wouldn’t want you to end up in a worse place by going through with the application unprepared.

    I only asked about whether the application had already been sent of and was a bit confused when you stated you had an OH appnt coming up……generally you and your employer would be given the green light to proceed with IHR based on the final OH referral and only then could you start the process…..once you started the IHR application process OH really has nothing else to do with you other than providing the pensions medical Officer with any reports etc….everything else is run by HR…..I am guessing also that the presumption would be that you will remain signed off as unfit for work as you couldn’t really be at work and applying for IHR stating you are too ill for work….For info I was signed off for 6 months prior to me deciding to apply for IHR and it took me fully another 6 months for the process to decide on my award…..obviously this has a knock on effect of full pay, then half pay etc and is something to be mindful of.

    The best advice that I give anyone thinking about IHR is to read over the specific pension policy in relation to yourself……THEN READ OVER IT SEVERAL MORE TIMES. This policy will tell you exactly what is involved with the process and more importantly the criteria you will have to meet.

    The key aspects of any policy and criteria is going to come down to permanency of condition and known effects and probability that you will not improve through medical interventions still to try.

    If there is any doubt as to the above two points then it is likely the application will fail.

    Here to help when I can

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