My sons pains

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my son has been diagnosed with combined adhd and we are having his autism assessment next week

However my problem is I took him to the gp Friday as he complains alot about body pains and feeling like his chest is tight he ends up not being able to walk due to pain in his legs or crying over other pains. Calpol and pain relief don’t work he’s had X-ray for scoliosis due to pain in spine but that’s fine. He recently was in hospital for a week due to hallucinations so they did all sorts of tests like eeg ecg mri all normal yet the gps response to his pains was as simple as there’s no direct thing to cure like a broken bone or sprain it’s like the pains are in his head basically and that was that so what am I meant to do my son has been suffering with pains for years and they just seem to say well there’s no cause that we can see so that it

He’s 10 years old these things have been happening for years and I just don’t know what to do he can’t keep up with kids his age even when he wants to but on good days he’s running about like a mad man I’m so confused


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    Hello @Sharkey26, how are you feeling about your son's upcoming autism assessment?

    Unfortunately we're not medically trained so are unable to comment or make suggestions about the other issues you've mentioned, but I hope you're able to get some answers soon.

    It's not quite the same thing but I know how hard it can be to see a loved one in pain and there seeming to be no real cause. A loved one of mine experienced severe body pains around a similar age to your son and went through similar tests including X-rays, an EEG and a MRI. For them, it turned to be a simple case of low vitamin D mixed with sensory processing disorder, once we treated their vitamin D level a lot of the pain went. They still experienced times where they would complain about aches or pains, but with the help of an occupational therapist we realised it was often a case that discomfort in their surroundings (for example, being too hot, too noisy, too busy) would register as physical pain.

    Good luck with his autism assessment and please let us know how things go for you both. 🙂

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    thank you for message and the story my son takes vitamins on a daily basis but maybe it’s that either way I appreciate knowing someone else has been in my boat and been ok. I’m nervous for him to be honest as I know it’s going to be a stressful thing for him but the results will be able to give us some open doors of what to do next for him I hope I make sense thank u again