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Hi, I've just got a question . . . My daughter had quadraplegic cerebral palsy and has just been given the Maclaren Major Elite pushchair which i thought was ok until i got the hood and rain cover i ordered for it!!

With your average pushchair you can get a hood and rain cover that fold with the pushchair but Maclaren in their wisdom think that taking off all the accessories before putting the pushchair in the boot is a good idea.

Unfortunately my little girl is getting too heavy for me to carry her into the nursery and on the school run for my little boy and they are too far away for me to walk so i have no option but to use the car. I'm dreading the first time i have to try and assemble the Maclaren Elite in the rain.

So my question is does anyone know of a large pushchair that is a bit more child and parent friendly?


  • VILAVILA Member Posts: 29
    Hi, this is a problem with most pushchairs i think, not just the major ones -obviously invented by someone who doesn;t need to do the school run!

    I have an EZ Rider convaid chair which you can get the wheelchair cagool things to wear if that any help? it is sitting doing nothing if you close enough to Jct 5 of the M40 to come and get it!!!!

    Folds down nice and easy, have a look on their website. www.convaid.com
  • jacksmum2jacksmum2 Member Posts: 1
    My 10 month old has CP and does not sit easily in his standard puchchair. I am considering buying a new one while visiting relatives in the US in December, but dont know what to choose - I have heard Quinny Buzz is very good for CP, does anyone have any experience?

    I also wonder whether I should be entitled to one on the NHS, or whether grants are available?.. Unfortunately my Dad (my driver) has a very small car (Citroen C2) so Im sure most "Special Needs" pushchairs will be too big to fit in his boot.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Lee & Robbie xx
  • VILAVILA Member Posts: 29
    Hi Lianne.

    Pushchairs can be a nightmare at the best of times, but add the words special needs and the problems tend to go through the roof!

    We had a Maclaren major buggy (can get on the NHS through your Occupational Therapist if you have one), if not, get your Paediatrician or GP/Health Visitor to get one for you.

    there are many out there, it is just a case of getting your name on the right list i am afraid.

    see how you get on, am sure the scope premoderator will put a link here as well once they have looked up some info - they are so good!


    karen x
  • brighteyesbrighteyes Member Posts: 1
    i have the quinny ZAPP and its very good for MY daughter, however some kids its no good at all. I'd suggest going to your local mothercare or whoever and trying your little one in it. When you think you've found a good one go back another day, and try it out for a good 20mins.
    The reason its good is that it does not have a very deep seat and so they cant slouch forward. The shoulder straps come up quite high but that means they act as a good head support if you slide the comfort bits right up.

    the only thing is that it doesn't recline.


    PS - start bugging your OT about an appointment for a wheelchair assessment, it can take a long time before you actually get the wheelchair/buggy.

  • VILAVILA Member Posts: 29

  • GuestGuest Member Posts: 1,968
    Hello to everyone. This is my first time posting.

    My little girl is 22 months old (19 months corrected). She has diplegic cp with no sitting balance.

    Im having lots of problems trying to get a suitable buggy for her. We were at the wheelchair clinc last week and the lady there padded her pushchair with lots of foam and a foam wedge for the seat. Iona is now sitting up really nicely but I now can't fold up the pushchair for the car and the padding has made her straps really tight so in the mornings when it's cold and she wears a coat I can't do her up properly.

    Can anyone recommend any really good supportive buggys preferably off the high street because the specialist ones Ive looked at on the internet are very expensive and i do'nt have
  • domdom Member Posts: 5
    We have a similar problems with our son's wheelchair in that all the supports mean that he can't wear a coat underneath unless we adjust everything. If we do that and then go shopping we can't actually take him into any shops in the winter as he overheats. We've got around that problem by using a poncho that goes over the top of all the straps, so easily taken off if necessary. It also has the advantage of keeping the harness dry if it starts to rain which wearing a coat underneath wouldn't stop. If it rains then we thrown a rain poncho over the top of the fleece (although your current buggy probably has a proper raincover so not a problem for you yet)

    Rackety's do a fleece poncho for about
  • GuestGuest Member Posts: 1,968
    have you tried applying to charities to get one funded? the birth defects foundation are really quick and dont assess you financially,
    good luck
    p.s we have had same problem but eventually our mobility people are supplying one specially made for Jack
  • GuestGuest Member Posts: 1,968
    Hi Vicky,

    My name is Helen and my son is Oliver. He is just 3 yrs old, it was his birthday on 12 th May. Although he is 3 he is still quite small and only weighs 10 kg. We have managed to get a brilliant pushchair for Oliver.

    Our Community Occupational Therapist reffered him to the local wheelchair services at Fazackerly Hospital. They sat him on a big bean bag and moulded the shape around him. They then made the buggie seat from this mould. The moulded seat was put into a Silver Cross buggie frame. The buggie will fold down but it is quite heavy.

    The Occupational Therapist told me that there was 2 pots of money available. One for special seating and one for a special buggie or wheelchair. I think it is funded by Social Services. We havent had to pay anything. You shouldnt be expected to pay yourself.

    Oliver has athetoid dystonic CP and like your little girl can not sit unsupported. We thought we would have to carry him everywhere. We have had this buggie now for 8 weeks and it has been a god send.

    We do have the problem though of not being able to fit him in the chair with his coat on. However he fits in the chair wearing an 'all in one' suit (the one with the legs in) they are less bulky.

    We managed to buy a Universal Rain Cover from Mothercare which is transparrent and covers the whole buggie. I think it cost about
  • sansocsansoc Member Posts: 3 Connected
    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this and am looking for some help. My son is nearly 20 months old and has quadriplegic CP. He is trying very hard to walk but struggling and his balance isn't very good. He is starting to grow out of his pushchair and to be honest the position for him isn't great. He tends to use any support he has so sits slumped in his chair and looks really uncomfortable.

    Occupational therapy have given us some inserts which are great but the straps are getting too short and as we bought the buggy before we knew the full diagnosis I was wondering if there was something more suitable. They think he will eventually walk but it will take him a long time so we probably need something that will last until he is 4 or maybe older. He isn't a particularly big child (only on 9th centile - currently about 23lb / 10.5 kg) but I notice most only go to 15kg. We can't be the only ones in this situation!!

    OT gave me some tips to look for e.g spinal support, thicker pelvic strap to stop him arching back etc but I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions from their own experience of a suitable make or model.

    Any advice would be gratefully received.
  • turkishannturkishann Member Posts: 1
    his our son also has cp and he is now 10 and has a wheelchair for distances, we used


    they are fantastic, it did him until he was 9 years old and they are brilliant for countryside etc and are lightweight, it helped alot with my back as my son is quite a big boy!

    you can also get vat relief on this, I know it is alot of money to pay out at first but ours lasted years and when we come to sell it we got
  • wenderswenders Member Posts: 2
    yes there are quite a few options. we have the swifty for daniel. we love it. very supportive. http://www.tendercareltd.com/swifty/swifty.html

    www.ormesa.com They have a few on their website.

    http://www.maclarenbaby.com/major/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,en/ The mac. major is quite popular but wasn't supportive enough for daniel as he slopped so much! lol

    I would say ask for a referral for a wheelchair assessment from your OT. I'm really surprised that your OT hasn't mentioned this yet.

    Wendy xxx
  • Lois86Lois86 Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I hope you dont mind me contacting you! Have just ordered a swifty for my son through our service here in kent. I was wondering if you bought any of the extras, rain cover etc and where you got them as we were told could not get any additional bits without paying and rain cover being

  • renacahillrenacahill Member Posts: 145

    Hi Lianne

    Was having same dilemma with DGS as needed small pushchair to go into my boot. lots of considerations, DGS has low trunk tone so slumps, I am also 4'11" so low handle height, have a toyota aygo with an even tinier boot than C2, didn't want to pay much as its going to be used infrequently, Oh and light as boot is high too.!

    Anyway, I looked into all different types and what I found is you need to preferably go to big pram store to try out all sorts of seating, reclining etc. All CP kids are different so important to tailor chair to baby.  My DGS for instance, is better sitting on a slight backward  slope as he still arches back. The Buzz did look much better than the Zapp as Zapp has horizontal seat so def no good.  I would give the Buzz a trial, its expensive but if its what suits LO thats the important thing. Read general reviews though regarding manouverability, weight etc. before buying.

    kate x 

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