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Kai Hates Being Strapped Into Any Chair!!!

gill32 Member Posts: 1
Kai has turned into a nightmare at the moment.

He is 3 years 4 months with Quad CP. He use to be fine in all things, car seat, pushchair, but now it has all changed!!!

When in his car seat, he spents his time trying to push himself out. So gets himself really uncomfortable in the end and screams!!

Same in the pushchair, pushes himself out, then once we stop he screams!! If he wasn't strapped in he has the strength to push himself out!!

He has a squiggle chair to eat in, well out the window now. He goes mental once in there. I have had OT and physio around and agree it is Kai not wanting to go in there, nothing to do with chair or tone, so behaviour!

So just wanted to know has anyone been through this?? He is getting a special pushchair end of Sept so just hoping he will tolerate this.

One thing he does like is his standing framE!!

Hope to hear back from you.



  • Tinatwinsmummy
    Tinatwinsmummy Member Posts: 4 Listener

    One of my twin boys Bailey aged 22 months who has severe quadraplegia is showing the same signs as your son Kai.Bailey dislikes sitting in any form of seating and frequently screams out.He does suffer with gastric problems and trapped wind which we believe is most of the problem.I know it has been a while since you put your post but i was intersted to see if Kai is more comfortable now and to let you know that you are not alone

    Tina x
  • joden
    joden Member Posts: 12
    HI , my little boy who is now 5 used to be the same he hated chairs and always used to spend alot of time on my knee! BUt as soon as he started school part time in his pre school year it got less and less and now he never does it. I think its because he saw other children like him sitting in their chairs so he sat in his!
    Sorry if not much help
    josie x
  • Guest
    Guest Member Posts: 1,968
    HI, I would say it sounds like very likely he has trapped wind, see my post to Lisa (if it has registered! having some trouble getting posted).
  • b8s
    b8s Member Posts: 33
    Hi my daughter Alice is 3yrs 6mths, and also has quadroplegia. She recently started demanding 'out,' everytime we put her in a chair, squiggle, buggy, car seat etc. I now oblige her, lay her on the floor, and carry on doing what I'm doing, it's usually only moments before she asks for 'chair,' and will then quite happily sit in it. Obviously this only works if your child can grasp the idea that for some things the chair is best, and can only be attempted when you have the time.
    Hope it helps.


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