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All Terrain Pushchairs

catsimmo Member Posts: 3

Has any one tried the delichon all terrain or moon buggy?
We are due to go to weelchair services soon to get an assesment for my son (20 months) we are hoping to get a pushchair for him as he currently slouches in his pushchair. I have been researching what is available and these seem to be the only ones that would be good off road as well. I walk a lot as we dont have a car so we need something that can recline to sleep in but is also good an all surfaces. Any oppinions would be greatly apprecieated as i am drivrng myself mad thinking about it as everything has good and bad points.



  • glitteryb
    glitteryb Member Posts: 5
    forgot to say, out of all of them the Ormesa New Bug reclines the most as it has tilt in space and a reclining backrest so a bit more options.
  • mummytotwo
    mummytotwo Member Posts: 6

    We have the Ormesa new bug and its brilliant. There are loads of different support options that can be added or taken away as required. It has a great recline feature as glitteryb says you can tilt in space, recline or both. It also has adjustable leg rest. The hood is removable and has a built in raincover which is really handy especially as theres no basket (although I used the basket of our standard buggy and it works fine). We have the four wheel version as I didn't know about the three wheel version when we got it. The four wheel option wouldn't be great for rough terrain but otherwise its great and I'm sure the three wheeler will be much better.

  • glitteryb
    glitteryb Member Posts: 5
    We have the Delichon Delta All terrain buggy and its great for off road and was the only thing we could use in the recent snow when his wheelchair couldnt cope!
    its more of a hammock style tho so not a lot of support if your son slouches but we have put an otto bock kidsert liner in it to firm it up and its working really well. it has a fixed front wheel but its really light and easy to push so not a problem.
    the Ranger all terrain is a similar hammock style but you can also get the hugga insert for it to give more support.

    We tried out the moon buggy when he was smaller and to be honest its a lot more supportive as you can have a headrest and laterals etc but to be fair i didnt think it reclined that much, another one they might offer you is the ormesa new bug which can come in a three wheel option and again can have a lot of support added.
  • zoep
    zoep Member Posts: 1
    Can I ask whether you have a hood and waterproofs for your delta buggy, I'm struggling to find something that would work as delichon don't do one for the size we have?


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