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Admission Of Liabilty

Lisa36 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Just thought I would let you know we have had a partial admission of liabilty for Oliver's case against the NHS.

They are admitting to most of the damage caused to Oliver and have made an early offer of 90% of the claim, 90 % which really good although solicitor wants 100% so will be issing court proceedings.

Its taken 4 years to get to this stage, so everyone just starting out in this keep fighting you will get there in the end.


  • Cheryl01
    Cheryl01 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi Lisa

    Congratulations. I was wondering about putting in a complaint but not sure if it would get anywhere or who to go to.

    I really hope that you manage to go all the way and that Oliver is doing well.

  • Albysmum
    Albysmum Community member Posts: 10 Listener
    Hi, We are still at early stages (one year) I'm so happy to hear your news. We just want them to say sorry and to know our son will be looked after later in life. , I went through a stage of anger and hate for a while when I found out it could of been prevented, don't think that feeling will ever totally go away. It makes you wonder how often does this happen and never taken any further. We were lied to over and over again and told to go away, even told us mri was normal to cover up there mistakes (scan was not normal and showed cp caused by lack of oxygen at birth). If anyone has any doubts they should get legal advice. Again I'm so happy for you and Oliver and glad you shared your news with us, just to know were not alone and keep fighting.. Please keep me informed would love to know the outcome Love Jo
  • mrandmrshillier
    mrandmrshillier Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    Hi Lisa,
    Congratulations on this, it's a real break through. We are two years into the process and were told last week by our solicitors that we have a good case for negligence. Our son suffered brain damage when his low blood sugar wasn't picked up by midwives in the hospital and then the special care unit didn't bring his levels up quickly enough. It was really painful just going through all the notes again and seeing all the opportunities that could have made a difference. How is Oliver doing now? Lucas is two and a half now and we are trying to get him into the right special needs school. He is a bright little boy but is unable to crawl, sit or walk as yet. He loves his standing frame and continues to get stronger so we hope that he may eventually gain some independence. I hope that the NHS do the right thing and sort this out as quickly as possible.
    All the best,
  • Lisa36
    Lisa36 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Just thought I would update you had a full admission of liability on Thurs, had many tears, but and least we can now move forward
  • LibbyP
    LibbyP Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Firstly, congratulations on a full admissions of liability and it is comforting for other parents.

    Secondly, to Jo/ Albysmum, we have only just started proceedings against our PCT. We are in the same situation as you. It is my first time posting on here and it is almost comforting to know that we aren't the only people lied to. We had 3 doctors tell us that the MRI scan was 'fine' and it was only 16 mths after the MRI scan that a doctor told us the truth. Even now, we are still unsure at to the cause of Susie's CP. Before the diagnosis, we even had one doctor suggest to us that we may need to be referred to a dietician as Susie was a 'solid' baby and that she couldn't lift her own weight and that was why she wasn't crawling. It's appalling.

    Thanks to you both for your posts as they have been most helpful to me.


  • AdamsMum
    AdamsMum Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi Lisa, congratulations but at the same time i can understand this bringing up raw emotion and lots of tears of what could've been.
    My son Adam is now 5 and i hve only just started to think about going to a solicitor.I'm not even sure if i have a case or not. Adam has cp - spastic diplegia and numerous other problems.Adam was born at 30wks and diagnosed at 18months.He has had a mri, which his consultant has said starved of oxygen at some point between 28 and 30 weeks, couldnt be precise. I'm hoping the soilcitors can give me some answers even if no one is liable.The birth was very truamatic and i have trouble remembering exactly what happened.
    Needless to say our lives have been very difficult ever since and i feel that i need to know for Adams sake as well as my own.
    Reading your comment has been helpful as you have been in a way successful.
    Take care.
  • Val
    Val Community member Posts: 15 Listener
    Lisa my daughter has CP spastic quad born at 29 weeks (respiratory distress syndrome). She began G-Therapy on entering her teens, she has had slow steady progress ever since. A few months ago she started on a treadmill for the first time in her life. I had previously tried many non invasive therapies for my daughter, nothing really changed her until she bagan on G which seemed to give a neuronal input/boost.
    Check G-Therapy if interested Case Studies - spastic quadriplegia Laura, also further info is under Testimonials on the home page of this group.
    Dr. Oswal now has parents going from all over the world, a country in Asia has expressed interest in a clinical trial, details are on the International Support Group:
    I had improvements in my daughters fluid intake when she began G, improvements in swallowing, vision, gross and fine motor control.
    If interested you will need to call Dr. Oswal, he will also need all medical records and a video of your child.
    Several in the UK are on G. Others are in Canada, USA, France, Germany,UAE, Indonesia. I just thought you might like to know. My daughter began to use her right hand after she began on G. She even began to crawl, none of this had happened before. Dr. Oswal has videos on his website.
    Laura does not have seizures, she has had no surgeries. She has recently started to use a small quad cane in her right hand only, I still steady her at the shoulders as she is wobbly. Her right heel used to be up, for the last 3 weeks it has stayed just about flat. She tells me she can feel her body changing. She has had no bad effects, but periods of tiredness which she says is due to something stretching.
    All the very best to your young son,
  • Val
    Val Community member Posts: 15 Listener
    I just replied on a post to Lisa. I also went down the route of a case for my daughter. This took over 4 years, and they said there was no proof even though one doctor had said he had thought that it had been the fault of various methods in hospitals. Your child may not be crawling yet. My daughter actually began to crawl at the age of 13 only when she began on G-Therapy. (CP spastic quad). I had not thought G-Therapy would change her. G-Therapy had an almost immediate cognitive effect, my daughter became much more aware of what was needed both physically and also from the cognitive side. I wish that she had had G-Therapy when she was 2 years old. Dr. Oswal has treated children of 3 months old upwards, in my view of CP the earlier the better. At least Asia is now looking into a clinical trial of G-Therapy. It has not helped every child, but Dr. Oswal says 70% get some degree of change. At least I have told you about it, so you may be able to store it in the back of your minds. Changes seem to be neuronal, which is the root of the problem. My daughter is now doing the treadmill, walking with one small quad cane, still wobbly.
    She was born at 29 weeks with respiratory distress syndome. She does not have seizures. She has had no surgeries. This is the reason Dr. Oswal is being contacted by parents all over the world. He is on Facebook as well, just type in G-Therapy and
    Dr. Oswal.
    There was a really good post in on the yahoo link I gave recently by an American father, his child has been able to come off steroids, he had lung damage GERD, vision impairments have improved, (Dr. Oswal told me that this was so important for motor control)this boy's concentration has improved, he is 6 1/2 years old. My own daughters vision also improved. If interested check message 4137 on This little boy has had much improvement in swallowing as did my own daughter. His concentration and awareness are better. Details of Clinical Trial are on this same yahoo group message 3837 and 3653.
    Further info is by an American professional, his 6 year old with CP and hydrocephlus has also shown changes on G-Therapy, his wife is a physiotherapist. Check if interested Hulet has written articles about G-Therapy in Advance for Occupational Magazine for Practitioners, and also in The Cerebral Palsy Magazine. G-Thjerapy has not been a miracle over night cure for my own daughter, but steady slow continuous changes, and that has meant so much for my family.
    If interested check Case Studies spastic quadriplegia Laura on also check Testimonials.

    Kind regards to all,
  • Evette
    Evette Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi Lisa,

    This is fantastic. It gives us all real hope! Now you and your family can really start to enjoy life and make things as comfortable as you can for your little one. I can imagine the heartache you have been going through knowing that the hospital have done wrong but just needing to prove it! I am so so pleased for you all...

    My little girl who is now 3 1/2 has CP. She is a bright little girl and i wouldn't change her for the world, however i believe the hospital where i had her has caused all the physical issues she has!
    We have been going through our solicitors for 2 years now. Its still with the diffferent specialists and we are hoping that come the end of this year we will hear from the specialists that we have a good case. (Fingers crossed!)

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