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Sherrards Industrial Training Centre

im trying to find information about sherrards industrial training centre run by the spastics socity now scope i was there in 1979 to 1980 trying to find pl who atttended there cant find anything on the internet.


  • Rosemary098
    Rosemary098 Member Posts: 5
    Hi I was at Sherrards from 1975 - 1976, it was a tough old place to be in those days, the workshop rules were tough as well as the rules in the accommodation blocks. We had to do cleaning of rooms like the TV room. I later went on to become head-boy over the workshop. So how can i help you. You may notice that my above name is Rosemary this is because I had a sex change 8 years ago, but before then i was male.

    Look forward to your reply

    Its proper name in my time was Sherrard Training and Rehabilitation Centre
  • Rosemary098
    Rosemary098 Member Posts: 5
    Hi I was there from 1975 - 1976 its name at the time was according to the booklet was Sherrards Training and Rehabilitation Centre although I was there in earlier than you we should try to exchange information as much as we can
  • Dmoorsman
    Dmoorsman Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I was there in the 80s it was still a hard place
  • spink
    spink Member Posts: 1
    To answer your question it shut down the site was sold off and houses are now there.
  • Rosemary098
    Rosemary098 Member Posts: 5
    Yes I understand from a parliamentary report on the internet that it closed in the 1980s, I also understand that it was demolished shortly after closure, and I also understand that it is now a housing estate, but is would be nice to meet people again that were there or to talk to people that were there, we are only a few. There will never be another Sherrards Training Centre again in our lifetime, but it gave many of us a start in life, and some of us went on to greater things, but we all got jobs from there, and if it were not for Sherrads giving many of us a chance then we would never of had that initial start that we so much needed at that time, so for this reason Sherrards was a real success for us
  • beatman
    beatman Member Posts: 1
    hi my name is martin glennon i went to sherrards in 1977-1978
    that were i met my wife julie.if you like to get intouch e-mail me (email address removed by moderator) or phone me on (number removed by moderator)

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  • Rosemary098
    Rosemary098 Member Posts: 5
    I understand when the training centre was demolished part of the old training centre was kept for flats, what was kept was Sherrards house. This included the area where the double arch was where I used to stand to shout "Workshops" in the morning, and afternoons can anyone confirm this
  • montyste
    montyste Member Posts: 2
    hiya are you david moore from gillingham kent by any chance im stephen westley small guy with glasses i was at sherrards 79 to 80
  • montyste
    montyste Member Posts: 2
    i was there 1979 to 1980 i remember mr benson mr mrs harrison in the workshops it tough me the work ethic & enabled me to work for 28 years in quality control i won the miss berry award for best trainee in 1980
  • Rosemary098
    Rosemary098 Member Posts: 5
    My original Name was Ronald E, I also remember Mr. Benson, and Mr., and Mrs Harrison, also Vivian in the Kitchen, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Cook in woodwork, Mr. Barns on Drills in the engineering section, together with Mr. Jordan, Mr. Barrett, Mr. Moyes Manager in the workshops, Mrs Burden Occupational therapy, Mrs Moss in the Domestic Block, Mr.Curtis Principal, Mr. Sharp Warden, Mr. Mc Mackey houseparent, Mr. Whitehead Houseparent, Mr. and Mrs. Kerri sons houseparents, Shelly houseparent, Caroline Ellis houseparent, Barbra Houseparent, Sumu Sakia Japaness Houseparent, Mr. and Mrs Harbut houseparents
  • Russell
    Russell Member Posts: 2
    I was a buyer at Philips Electrical Ltd in City House, London Road, Croydon for two full years during 1971 to 1973 and had the privilege of working with a really good man, Fred, who I believe may have been the Training Manager at Sherrards. We had light fitting assembly and packing work which was all carried out with great competency by the workforce. I went to see Fred fairly regularly to show him the new designs. They were mainly for domestic use with some home office and commercial office desk lamps too. Fred would work through the possible component-to-assembly processes and decide in due course how the team would complete the job.
    I would always look forward to coming to the centre because you all seemed very cheerful and to be enjoying working together. I guess not many people outside of the centre itself would have had the benefit of seeing you all learning, practicing new skills and contributing to your future development by building on previous successes, so I was very lucky indeed – and it was an experience I have never forgotten some 43 years later. We did use another provider as well, but you received most of the work and it was always 100% perfect.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write my short piece for your website and I wish you all well wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.
  • Jamesfoad
    Jamesfoad Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I Was there from 1985 to 1986 and became Head Boy


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