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Hot Weather & Cp

jcs185 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in Cerebral palsy
Hi, I work, as a LSA, with a wonderful chap of 14 in mainstream school. He is mobile although with some gait issues.

However, the hot weather increases his fatigue enormously - probably what you'd expect. It's a large secondary school, with lots of walking in between lessons. About half his timetable is either on the first floor (3 flights of stairs) or second (six flights).

This exhausts him, but......

the SENCO's attitude is 'inclusion, inclusion, inclusion'; and that it is more important for him to be in class with other students in this weather, than in the resources centre - where I and the other LSA's can work with him, without the need for him to keep moving around. No matter what I say, the SENCO won't accept that his gets exhausted easily....

Am I indulging him?

Is it documented on how hot weather affects CP ?- we have a similar problem in the winter, but I was able to evidence that people with CP feel the cold more because of the lack of subcutaneous fat; but I can hardly use the same argument!


  • Han
    Han Member Posts: 16 Courageous

    Maybe its just us but the warm weather does effect me. It makes me fatigue really really quickly and when its hot the thought of doing anything to energetic makes me just want to crawl back to bed! It just makes everything much harder, even climbing the stairs in my own home.

    Hope that sort of helps.
  • Amber
    Amber Member Posts: 6
    Hello there

    I think hot weather does affect CP sufferers. Every year i dread the summer and i always say this is where i hybonate for 3 months. I get extra tired (more tired than normal) quicker even having a bowl of cereal. Its awful I feel I cant function because the weather is blocking that for me.

    Hope this is a bit of help

  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    The consultant told us that children with CP use 20% more energy than other children to do the same things. May help your argument?
  • redicane
    redicane Member Posts: 4
    I have to agree with renacahill. We were told the same thing by the OT.
  • Hymerkar
    Hymerkar Member Posts: 63 Courageous
    Definately agree - I get totally exhausted in hot weather, as my mum always used to say I was like a wet lettuce, as a child. Now, as a 48yr old, I still cant tollerate the heat and am always to be found hiding in the shade or if there is no shade, just flaked out!

    I certainly does take a lot more energy for us CP sufferers to move around, imagine a wheel which needs oiling, and is stiff and difficult to turn. Thats the best way I can explain how I feel when I am walking, I can walk unaided but with stiff limbs its hard work. Growing up with CP I have always said, ' I dont know any different, I just get on with it, but now I am getting older, I am struggling. And, back to the first question, yes the heat certainly makes it all worse.

    Dare I say it - roll on Autum.

    Take Care Karen

    PS I dont like the cold either, LOL it makes me stiffer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DeBe
    DeBe Member Posts: 2
    Hi my Mum has registered on this forum but I am 12 yrs old with mild cerebral palsy. I went to Mainstream secondary school last year. I find the stairs and moving about very tiring and now sometimes have a wheelchair towards the end of the week. My school have been brilliant, they know that my LSA knows me well and she decides with me if I am ok to go up to a classroom or if I'm best staying in the library or somewhere like that. When it is hot I am so very tired and find it hard to concentrate and when it is very cold my bones really ache and again I feel very tired. My Mum says being included is good but if you are so exhausted ypou just sit there and can't join in then you are not really being included and sometimes, you would stick out more than if you weren't in the room. I think you are being sensible and you should speak to the SENCO again.


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