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Statementing & Useless Headteacher! (rant)

leeseypoo Member Posts: 1
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Hi, I have a ds with moderate quad CP, he attended a mainstream nursery and is now at a mainstream school (he is yet unable to walk unaided). Anyway he has STILL not received his statement (maybe NOV!) and can only attend part time because that is all the emergency funding they could get! And because I pick him up early he gets really cross with me as he wants to stay (he loves school! Don't know how long this will last!!).

So at the start of term he had no funding so we applied for emergency funding and in the end the lady whoi looked after him at nursery ended up going up with him (as a temporary measure).

A few wks ago they began to advertise for a 1-1 and we were askedif we wanted to be involved in the interview process so that the candidates could meet my son before their interview, anyway I have since found out that they have hired someone, they have met my son and that I found out from another PARENT and not the school, I was upset to ssay the least. so I spoke to the head and she said that she had been too busy to let us know and that at the end of the day it was her decision! But she would let us know when they start interviews for afternoon post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been really upset for days about this, and really appalled by what has been said. We are meeting the new person soon and I am going to find it really hard to like her after whats happened even though I know it is not her fault I just can't help the way I feel.

I just can't get over the fact that we are his parents and that we were the last to find out.

Feeling slightly better now after that rant!! Just wondered if I should write a letter of complaint and if so who do I write it to?


  • linds
    linds Member Posts: 7
    you write to the Chair of Gvernors at the school with a copy to the Head teacher and th SENCo. you get someone else to read it as if you are stilint he rant stage of your anger they will dismiss it. you have no entilement as a parent to be part of any interview process but as youwere encouraged ot believe that this would happen it is bad manners and a breach of trust. i suggest that you couch your complaint in these terms and ask what the school will now do to build bridges between you and the support asistant as this is a vital arrangement for your child;s future happiness and wellbeing.

    while writing thi sletter you pint out that it is an offence under the disability discrimination Act to offer a lesser service to someone with a disabilityon the grounds of that disability so if all other children your son' age are in full time he should be there too. you let the governors know that youa re aware of your right to take this to the First Tier SEN and Disbilities Tribunal if they are uunable to resolve your complaint. get support form you rlocal parent partnership scheme th eLA will have a number or look them up on th einternet.

    under the terms of this act the school is not obliged to purchase additional support but they shoild be actively pursuing the Local Authority to provide interim arrangements. so also copy your letter to the chair of the education committee of your local authority. the authority presumably knew that your child was due to start school and had a duty to assess and prvide apprpairate support for him.

    lastly send for a free parent copy of the scope includion disc from

    [email protected]

    make sure you ask for a free parent copy or you get asked for postage!!

    On theis disc you will find the how to get a good statement information in the primary and secndary flder and, in the ealryyears parent pack an assessment of need checklist that will help you and the school see not just what your son need but also act as a catalyst as to how the needs should be met. you are probably aware that few children with special needs get a full time one to one support and that is because the school already has a sum of money to meet special needs out of its own budget. you may wan tot ask how much of this they are currently spendin gon your son untul his full helper quota is achieved??

  • DeBe
    DeBe Member Posts: 2
    I am really sorry that you are so upset and hope your "rant" as you put it has helped you. I have a 12 yr old daughter with Cerebral Palsy. As I was a Primary School teacher before having her I started the statementing process when she was 18 mths old and she still didn't have it when she started school!
    I understand your frustration but to be honest I think it is also fear. The fear of your child going to school and having to manage in a busy school environment. I would urge to think carefully before making a decision about complaining to the Education Authority, the Headteacher has behaved rudely towards you and without any apparent understanding of what it is like to have a child with special needs, but she may also have employed an excellent LSA/TA for your child. I would suggest that you approach the Headteacher and explain that her actions and attitude have caused you distress and anxiety, but I also suggest you wait to meet the LSA before judging him/her in anyway. I am suggesting this as a Mum who has had to fight tooth and nail to get the correct support hours for my daughter. There will be numerous battles that you will have to fight in the future and having the Headteacher on your side would be very helpful, plus you will need to choose how far you have to take each battle. I think this is a case of thoughtlessness and bad manners but I don't think it is cause for a battle! Wait and meet the LSA, if give them half a term with your child and if he/she isn't right take the matter up again then. Finally, it is my experience that if I were interviewing I would probably choose the kindly, motherly figure, who might not be the best person to help my child progress!
    I hope you can achieve some peace and really wish you all the best for the future.
  • catherinerose1
    catherinerose1 Member Posts: 2
    hi, this happened to us. one of the dinner ladies was promoted to be TA(not LSA because they get more per hour). we were led to believe that we would be involved. if the headteacher is not understanding of your needs as a parent to a child with special needs then i don't see how they will employ the correct TA/LSA for your child. in my experience the school employ someone that will do their best for the school and not the child. if you are involved in the chosing process the TA/LSA may be more prepared to support your child rather than do what they are explected by the headteacher. in our case the TA would put my son in certain equipment for longer than necessary because it meant that she could assist the teacher in helping some o f the other children in the class. TA-Teaching assistant LSA-learning support asssistant.

    we had a statement that stipulated 1:1 adult for all physical support etc which you would expect would be from the trained person(s) but no.

    when lunch time came at school for our son the teacher and ta only thought about the equipment that would need to be used rather than his needs.

    the final straw came when i was invited to a meeting with the senco and head and we went over transition needs to move from reception to year 1. i explained and chatted and everything seemd ok. the very next week they had a meeting with ot and ta and my son and completly disregarded all what had been agreed.

    splints were put on incorrectly causing bruising, even though training had been given(the senco had no knoweldge of a meeting so i passed her a copy of the minutes i had taken and the letter and instructions confirming the training from the physio that had attended).

    Good Luck trying to get something in place.

    our son is taught at home by me and attend regular social activities and has his some of his old school friends over.


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