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CP and skiing

stevehello1234 Member Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Cerebral palsy
Hi All,

Does anyone has experience of skiing with CP. Our physio has recommended it for our 3.5 year old and I know that disabilitysnowsports runs lessons at Hemel snowdome....

Just wondering if anyone can share their experiences




  • panther
    panther Member Posts: 251 Courageous

    Hi Steve

    As an adult I used to ski at both Hillingdon and Wycombe ski slopes. I loved it and also went on a skiing holiday with BSCD (British Ski Club for Disabled).

    I found that I couldn't ski standing because due to my diplegia that affects my legs I couldn't get my legs in the position they need to go into to snow plough. Theu tried toe clips on my skis which forced my ski into that position and made my legs go into that position. But I screamed the place down as it felt like my legs were being broken!!

    After that I started using what they call a sit ski so I could dtill ski but I was sat down doing it. I loved it. So if you want to try it with your 3.5 year old give it a try.

    Hope that helps.


  • stevehello1234
    stevehello1234 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks Helen, yeah we're going to give it a go as soon as the lessons start up on Sundays at Hemel. Sit ski for him to start with and then maybe standing.... he has diaplegia so not sure about the snowplough - in some ways snowboarding may be better but he needs to be 6 or 7 for that.

  • AC1852
    AC1852 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Steve-
    I am an adult with diaplegic CP-
    A couple of years ago - I tried skiing for the first time in the USA & it changed my life...

    We went to Heavenly in Tahoe- I was fortunate to find the most amazing adaptive instructor....
    I was keen to try to ski standing with no aids..
    I understood this would take longer to achieve ... if at all-.... but my instrcutor was brilliant- she saw no boundaries only solutions.
    she identified my movement pattern in seconds... & would try many different ways to help me with all the necessary movements..
    By the end of the 2 week period- I was skiing with reigns- (instuctor behind me- controlling my speed)

    I came home & reported back to my neuro physio- who was astounded-
    In my time away- we had been able to create a rotational movement with the skiing action that was fundamental to my walking-
    that we had not been able to achieve in 17 years of physio....

    I have had 2 further holidays both in the US & am now skiing independently..
    The movement still helps with my daily walking pattern..

    I have established contact with a volunteer group at Milton Keynes- & although everyone was great - still feel I need some level of instruction..
    Also I have had a couple of lessons at Hemel Hempstead- with Disability UK-
    I understand they are in the process of starting a volunteer group there too..

    In short- I started skiing at age 40- & it has become part of my life- & offered huge changes- so I can understand why it has been recommended..

    Hope this helps-


  • hilsflynn
    hilsflynn Member Posts: 24
    We're really looking forward to when we can take our 2 and a half year old to try skiing - I would never have expected it to be as soon as another year. I'd love to hear how you get on, and whether or not you'd recommend Hemel to give it a go with a toddler.


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