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Caren Member Posts: 5
I am interested to know if anyone knows of any hydrotherapy classes available in West Kent. Unfortunately West Kent pct does not offer children's hydrotherapy through the NHS. I am not sure what the availability of hydrotherapy through the NHS is in other parts of the country. I have even tried to arrange private lessons for my daughter, and am struggling to find a pool (I have willing physiotherapists) with time slots for hire. I would be grateful for any advice.


  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    I can't help so far as the Kent areas go, but to answer your question about hydrotherapy in other parts of the country. We live in West Yorkshire, and wakefield NHS have weekly sessions for kids with CP, and other difficulties. The physio takes the sessions and it is enormous fun for the kids, it is also great for the parents to get together and chat and the water is lovely and warm! DGS has been going for a year and started around 7 months, he has always loved it and we think it has done so much good with his movements. I do hope you find somewhere local, would a local gym with a pool let you use the facility? They are usually quite warm compared to public pools. I think the warm water loosens up the muscles and allows much better use of joints, muscles etc. and much more pleasant for little ones. (and woosy grandmas)!
    PS We are moving soon into a brand new pool in the brand new hospital - perhaps your physios and parents should lobby for one in the Kent area as I thought hydrotherapy was integral to all physio, adult and child. Contact your local paper!
  • Caren
    Caren Member Posts: 5
    Thank you for your reply which has actually been quite informative. I have been in touch with the PCT and we will see if we can move forward with this. Our neurologist has actually recommended it and so this is why I have been pursuing it and I think she will benefit greatly from it! Sadly to say, there is a state of the art hospital being built in place of the old cottage hospital but I don't think a hydro pool is part of the plan. The physio department isn't even going to be at the hospital as they are part of the pct I think. Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy the hydro classes. I have been in touch with my daughter's physio who has played such an important and integral part in our daughter's care to discuss different options of pursuing this privately or trying to get it funded. Thanks again


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