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Top cat Tiger Trike

Eviesmummy Member Posts: 5

My daughter is 2 and has quad cp.

We today tried her on a Topcat Tiger trike as she is becoming increasingly frustrated with not being able to get around with all of the other children that she knows.

Funding is currently taking 7 - 8 months to come through to get one so we wanted to just pay for one but it is really expensive.

Does any one no where we can buy a second hand trike for her?

Many thanks for your help :-)


  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    I have seen one on ebay, still expensive but half original price. Gone now I'm afraid. You need to put in special needs trike mostly to get results. Worth keeping an eye on though.
    Good luck
  • sarahpratten
    sarahpratten Member Posts: 35 Courageous
    Have a look at:
    - this may help.

    I think there are other charities that will provide funding too.

    Best wishes,
  • Eviesmummy
    Eviesmummy Member Posts: 5
    Thanks Kate - I will have a look on ebay now for one xx
  • ashleighsmummy
    ashleighsmummy Member Posts: 1
    Hiya not sure whether its the same but my daughter has a tom cat tiger trike the company are based in gloucester if its the same they gave me a list of charites that may help fund our trike so may be worth while asking if you have no luck i will find the list of charities and list them for you good luck
  • lisacurtis
    lisacurtis Member Posts: 1

    I have one which I might consider selling. My little girl Ruby also quad CP is starting to look too big in it, she's nearly five. We've been thinking about getting her a new one for a while. I'm not sure how much I want for it as yet but I can talk to my husband about it and come up with something. We are in Leeds. The bike is very girly, the first pink one they did, as when we were looking you could only get blue/yellow. It's in very good condition, very modern, comes with parent handle and is fully supportive (vest, laterals, footstraps, headrest). Cost us around


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