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Can I relly on the NHS?

drbruneldrbrunel Member Posts: 16 Connected
edited June 2014 in Parents and carers
THose of you that have read my post dated a view days ago will know the horror that we are going through. The same horror that I know a lot of have or are currently going through as well..

My baby boy has had grave 4 bi-lateral ventricular bleads as well as a small stroke...

He is 1 month corrected age and currently doing very well...Lifting his head, moving left and right, feeding and starting to smile

He is unfortunately high risk of developing some form of cerebal palsy or associated dissabilities.. I obviously want to o whatever I can to prevent all of this happening so are doing as much as the intervention therapy as I can

What I wanted to simply ask, is can I rely on the NHS (long story but they created the mess we are in and are taking legal action) I do have private healthcare for my entire family so is this a viable route I can go down


  • b8sb8s Member Posts: 33
    My family has been in the 'system' for two years now and it has become very obvious that care is inconsistent. Some of our consultants and therapists go above and beyond expectations, whilst others we have had to fight to get changed. So to answer your question, it will very much depend on how vigilant you are and how quick you are to question anything you do not agree with. If you do not have confidence in the person you are dealing with I would seriously consider other options. Hope this helps, I just wish I had known sooner that we had choices.
  • renacahillrenacahill Member Posts: 145
    On a physical level make sure you have physio involved. They can spot problems early on and will advise re positioning, handling etc. This should be put in place via paediatrician which he should certainly be under.
    Mentally stimulate him at the age appropriate level and look for reaching, eye tracking, focusing, concentration, moving head etc. Tummy time is vital for CP (and other) babies.
    Provided there is no contraindication ensure maximum nutritional intake. look into fish oils (good for brains!) good vit intake, breastfeeding if poss as the bf milk contains everything and apparently stem cells! Also LO must be on iron syrup as prems and low birth weights can get anaemic easily.
    Regarding NHS care, from personal experience it has been exemplary. Physio and OT from day one (coming to our house as DGS did not like the dept) hydrotherapy, sensory room, SALT, dietician, portage. Specialist equipment and shoes etc. And DGS only 22months old still
    All I can say is the input has been fantastic from the NHS but has also needed a lot of input of mum, dad and me (nana) but the results have been worth it as DGS is showing improvement week on week and we are cautiously hopeful for the future.
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