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WHAT MY SYMPTOMS TEACH ME: Problems with your coordination when walking?

dystonic Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Dear friends.

Many of you know closely the distoweb’s option to get helped and learn in the physiotherapeutic area. In fact many of you have taken into account every good advice for your concrete symptoms (spasms, pain, anxiety…), and have even emailed the physio for personal and always free advice. Please keep on considering this option when you need it.

You can get some useful advice about [Spasticity, stiffness, spasms; Muscular and joints pain; Depression, anxiety, stress; Blepharospasm; Cervical dystonia; Oromandibular dystonia; Spasmodic dysphonia; Writer’s cramp; Parkinson’s; Essential tremor…]

Very recently we have produced a video which deals with

Back pain (lower back pain)

as a symptom many people with a movement disorder (or without it!!) usually suffer from. I personally recommend that you watch it and take note of every single piece of advice in it. You can easily improve your back pain through some simple exercises.

Please watch it from:

http://www.distoweb.com  button ‘Physiotherapist advice’

(Everything is 100% free of charge and the website hasn’t any advertisements or banners)

We have also personally produced these videos and more than 20.000 people have watched them until now:

Visual yoga (for blepharospasm)
Relaxing breathing (for stress and anxiety)
Cervical auto-stretching (for spasmodic torticollis)
Spasticity (and cramps)
Coordination and balance in walk

Very soon we will tape a new video, Living with a movement disorder the healthy way, from a new and also revolutionary point of view to be considered. Sure you will like it and benefit from it.


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