Remaining politically neutral during General Election 2024

Under guidance from the Electoral Commission and Charity Commission, it's important that Scope remains politically neutral during General Elections.

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merlin05 Community member Posts: 4 Listener
There is an issue with the quality of the inks used on blue badges and indeed they are causing some concern. If you do not check the colour of your badge in case of severe fading you could be booked for something you are not guilty of. In some cases the discolouration is so bad that the colour is only a fraction of the colour it should be within the year. People should take them back to the issuing office as soon as they notice it although this is very disruptive as the turn around of re-issuing the badge is sometimes slow. If you use them knowingly the authorities can book you. Howecver if you have not noticed you may get the fine re-embursed. Baring in mind this can sometimes leave you with a criminal record. The problem here is that the rules all the time and you need to keep on top of the rules for your area.


  • Ron-1
    Ron-1 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    As many people will know on Friday 3 December it will be International Day of Disabled People in the United Kindom there are 10, 800,000 disabled people. Their are 33% of people over the age of 50 Years that may have a disability (Oops must not give my age away). There are 6,700,000 disabled people of working age (18 - 65) in the United KingdomThere are 5 - 7% disabled people who are wheelchair users and finally their are 770,000 disabled children in the UK.

    Who is celebrating the 3 December as a member of the Scope Campaign Network or just a forum member. It would be good of any Campaign Network member and read any e newsletter before the festive season to see how members celebrated the day.

    Like me I have arranged for my Member of Parliament, GLA Members and Councillors to visit high street shops in raising the awareness of the barriers for us disabled people and those with mobility impairments and to round the day off we are having a real celebration in International food sharing as well as during the day taking part in already recorded disabled people on the radio at 11.30am
  • RyanM
    RyanM Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    Found this information useful thanks i will keep an eye on my blue badge
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