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Help with the terminology pleae!!!

charlnellie Member Posts: 12
Hi all,

Just wondering what a N.E.W doctor is? Only Ellie has an appointment with one at the end of November....Only not sure what their field of expertise is?! El has had her Cochlear implant switched on now too....But I doubt its to do with that as it's in a different hospital!

Thank you for any help!!


  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Hi there. Havent a clue what NEW stands for! Was it written down or said in a conversation - in which case you could have misheard and it was Neuro? (Neurology) Let us know I thought we knew them all, SALT, OT etc!
  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    Give the hospital a ring and ask. I have not heard of that one but If I'm unsure of the appopintment I will ring to see Who and Why. It's confusing enough without added worry of who they are seeing and why. Sorry been no help. Good Luck anyway. xxx
  • charlnellie
    charlnellie Member Posts: 12
    Hi Hi Hi!!!

    The mystery of the Dr abbreviation is solved! i asked the physio what it was today!! It's apparently a neurologist which specializes in paediatrics! This Dr is FINALLY going to interpret Ellies MRI scan that she had done wayyyyyy back in March! I feel on top of the world! Although will have to take the Kleenex, I have a feeling that this appointment will be the toughest yet, so glad I have time to prepare myself!

    It's definitely a N.E.W doctor, it's written in the appointment letter.......

    So there we have it! Another set of letters to add to our abbreviation dictionary!

    Thanks Guys!!!

    P.S sorry about the spelling in the title of the post, was lay down at the time of typing!!

    X X X X X


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