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feeling lonely

vicstar31 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
i have found as i have gone into adult hood with cp i have become lonely is it wrong for me to want what others have got a relationship marriage and children i find that people don t look behind the disability i find it hard to get out and socialise due to confidence issues i was wondering if anyone feels the same as me ???


  • panther
    panther Community member Posts: 251 Courageous
    Hi Vicstar

    No I don't think you are silly for wanting all the usual things that other people take for granted like marriage, children etc but I do know how you feel.
    Although I have a partner I still get lonely at times mainly because I feel other people don't ask us to do things with them because they are embaressed to be seen out with me in my wheelchair.

    I know my partner doesn't let my disability bother him and it also doesn't bother him that we don't really go out or really see other people.

    All through my childhood as well as into adulthood I didn't really have friends so I always felt that I would never meet anyone or do all the usual things that people do. But I met my partner a number of years ago we were friends for a long time and we now live together so don't give up hope I'm sure one day you will also meet someone. Though as I've said I can't promise you that having a partner will stop you from getting lonely at times.

    Take care
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