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Inclusion of students with CP at University

ac310 Member Posts: 4
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Hi everyone,

A close personal friend of mine with CP has just begun university. I am a Education Studies student who is researching how inclusive university really is for students with CP.
I have been awarded a bursary to complete this research.
I would like to ask if anyone has any experience positive or negative of students with cerebral attending university to contact me
Also if anyone knows of anyone who is also researching this area, please let me know.
I am a very strong believer in inclusion and hope that this research shall help raise awareness of inclusion at university level.

Kind Regards

Alice Collett
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  • speedyinpain
    speedyinpain Member Posts: 52 Listener
    Hi Alice

    I have CP I was doing a degree part time with the Open University, but am currently not studying presently. The Open University's Student Services are second to none, and their disabled students support was really helpful, supportive. When I was studying i had a real problem with not being able to sit in one position for very long due to posture pains etc. They arranged for a through assessment of my needs to be completed. They organised a tutor to come to my home to facilitate an exam in a comfortable envornment at my home. They also got be a digital dictaphone to help with note taking as i am not good at taking notes in a leature type of environment.

    The other students on the course and the tutor treated me no differently and the venues, learning environment were fully inclusive. I found that people who i got to know were there out of choice rather than obligation. My time studying with Open University was positive and i hope to return to my studies at some point.

    Successful Inclusion in my view = Individual person * open minded +Organisational willingness to see the wider picture amd be person cetred and offfer continuous support. * there are other inputs needed for successful inclusion for any situation in life.

  • ac310
    ac310 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks so much for your reply, its great to hear such a positive university experience.

    With Open University courses, do you study from home?

    Also could I ask, why you decided on Open University?

    Thanks again

  • Andrewds
    Andrewds Member Posts: 10
    I am doing a bth in theology at a uni in Canberra Australia. It is going well, I am pretty mobile, the only major help I need and get is that some lecturers allow me to hand in drafts. I need help note taking as these days all the notes are in the study guides. There are no exams in my subjects. I don't have to take NT Greek they tell me.



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