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Comfortable Pram Harness

renacahill Member Posts: 145
My grandson who is 2 has cerebral palsy, but sits well in his buggy. He has a Mini City Baby Jogger. He doesnt need chest support, doesn't slump and supports his own head well. What is causing the problem is his habit of scooting his hips forward and holding his legs out rigidly in front of him, with excitement at seeing the cars go by! This is not good for his sitting position and, to put it delicately, makes his little man bit red and sore where they press on the strap (it is a bit padded but not a lot). When he relaxes his legs and stops arching and is sat back against the buggy he is quite nicely positioned. My daughter is very happy with this buggy as it is light and roomy. She is going to look at wheelchair services buggies this month, but they are very heavy in comparison and a lot more bulky. She is not a big walker and the thought of lugging a huge pram out of the boot is a bit daunting. Can anyone suggest a specialist harness with the emphasis on keeping the hips back and legs down. Are their normal buggy inserts available for positioning?.



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