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How can i help my son?

TripletmomTripletmom Member Posts: 37
Hi all,

Ive been on here briefly before, i am a mom to one year one triplets.. we have been told the youngest has CP he is very rigid more so in his arms. he doesnt roll or sit up unaided and has very weak neck control. he has physio once a week and i take him swimming once a week, i give him massages. he has 2.5ml of baclafen four times a day and reflux meds and 6ml of melatonin before bed and still not sleeping?? i have had a lady from scope to help me just waiting to hear from her this week?
He wakes up anytime from 10PM onwards and he can be awake sometimes up to 3 hours sometimes just awake, other times crying he gets stiff and is uncomfortable.

He slept 7 hours out of 48 so DH is at the hospital at the moment, the nurses keep my son last night as they know how much this is now taking its toll as me and DH nearly split up over it? i feel like the docs just are not listening thou?

What else can i do?


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