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Tripletmom Member Posts: 37
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Hi, just wanted to ask my son is nearly 13 months and is the youngest of triplets, we had to see a new consultant as we are out the area for the old one and the new one is meant too know alot about CP? She didn't seem to know anything about him even thou she has all his notes from birth? anyway to cut a long story short she said he has 4 limb cp and she dont think he will walk? Can they tell so early?


  • QUINNEY5643
    QUINNEY5643 Member Posts: 5
    8 years down the line, our son who has four limb CP is walking, running and even manages a bit of street dance (in his own style of course)! He attends main-stream school and can play alongside his peers at indoor play-centres without anyone being aware of his differences. He walked with a k-frame until he was 3.5years old and by 4 years of age was walking independantly with confidence. He were given quite a gloomy outcome for him after a traumatic birth caused an injury to his brain. We too, were seen by various Doctors and Pediatricians, all who seem uncapable of reading notes BEFORE we step into the room and then asking for a brief summary as to his problems!! You do tend to get quite thick-skinned as a parent as time goes by but I've found that by learning as much as a I can about my sons needs and doing lots of reading and research, I'm not as phased by meetings with medics and therapists etc. I do think medical professionals will always give a less positive prediction so as not to give false hope but with a positive thinking parent and early intervention, as with our story, the outcome can be such a successful one!!!
  • Tripletmom
    Tripletmom Member Posts: 37
    Thank you so much for your reply, i had a pretty upsetting week after seeing the consultant but after reading such positive messages on here, its so right my son will only improve if we remain positive. i went to kidz in the middle (open day) in coventry last week and got to see other famalies its really helped. Thanks again x


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