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Hypertonic in 1 arm and 1 leg but opposite sides of body. Can anyone help?

TeddysmumTeddysmum Member Posts: 3
My 6 month old baby is under paediatrician and PT care and is awaiting an MRI scan at the end of the month. Following a traumatic birth, reduced fetal movements during pregnancy and being severely acidotic at birth he has been followed up. Most of his gross motor skills have been delayed. He is now able to sit which im amazed he is doing on time! He has just found his feet and didnt find his hands until 4 month old. He has rolled over a few times from tummy to back. He is a very happy chappy and we are on the road of 'wait and see' with regards to what the future will hold and a dx.

We saw the PT for first time last week and she says he has high tone in right arm and left leg and said this was unusual. I have looked on internet but cant find any info. Does anyone have babies/children with similar tone?

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

Teddys mum


  • renacahillrenacahill Member Posts: 145
    Congratulations on your little boy he is doing very well and there is no reason he wont continue with this. I've not heard of stiffness on opposite sides of the body but at 6 months his problems are still very much evolving and you may find that this stiffness changes with time to the opposite - low tone. It is around the age 2-3 that the final picture emerges.
  • TeddysmumTeddysmum Member Posts: 3
    Thanks very much:) I think he is doing very well too just wondered if there was anyone out there with similar circumstances to get an idea of how it might affect him functionally as he matures.
  • amilouamilou Member Posts: 4
    hi have just been reading about your little boy i have the same problem with my daughter she is 11 years old and has very high tone in her right foot and left arm i was told the same think , she has botox and steriod injection every 6 months which we fnd helpful most times, she can no walk and has servere problems with constipations but never stops the smie on her face which makes every day struggles easier to accept x
  • TeddysmumTeddysmum Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Amilou - My Lo is the same, such a cheeky, smiley fella. Did your Lo sit unsupported?
  • amilouamilou Member Posts: 4
    sorry for delay in reply no she could not sit unsupported but wasnt the one for tryin and never got her down
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