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Toilet training - mild cp - Newbie

Lita Member Posts: 2
edited August 2016 in Cerebral palsy
Hi just wondered if anyone can give me advice please.

Our 3.5yr old daughter has all the symptons of mild cp and we are awaiting results of MRI scan for further information.

We started potty training at 2.5years and was successful more or less immediately she did really really well. The past 4 months though she just doesnt seem to be realising she's wanting a wee and is having accidents every day. I normally remind her to go every two hours or so but the last 4 months I have been waiting for her to tell me. Now I know incontence can be a problem for cp sufferers. does this sound familiar to anyone and is this the usual pattern it takes?

Any help would be really appreciated.


  • Lita
    Lita Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for that. Yes I expected the odd accident but she doesnt make any of them with out wetting her pants first - I will just keep with it and like you say they all do it at this age so she may just be distracted.


  • Baumie
    Baumie Member Posts: 5
    My daughter is now 5.5yrs and has mild to moderate CP, plus a few learning difficulties. It is perfectly normal for "normal" kids to have a lapse once potty trained. For kids with CP it depends on their bladder control as my daughter has muscle spasms in her legs and arms, but also her bladder. Children of your daughters age will get distracted in play and forget to go to the loo. This is all normal behaviour for this age group.

    If you give your child juice or squash, cut down as this makes them need to go more often and brings the sensation on suddenly. Stick to water if you can. Kids with CP tend to dehydrate more than regular children, so it is important to keep fluids up.

    I also find that tickerling her sends her bladder into spasm, and if she laughs too hard.

    When you are waiting for your diagnosis it can be very daunting so feel free to ask me anything else. More than happy to help.
  • libismum
    libismum Member Posts: 13
    Hi there Libi also has a diagnosis of mild CP she is now five ( and a half as she likes to remind us all), toilet training hasbeen one of the most difficult challenges we have had to face so far, however Libi has now managed to master it.... well almost, although not in the most conventional way.
    Libi was still in nappies at three, she seemed to have some bladder control but little bowel control. In a similar way she seemed to make some progress then a huge backward steps which we eventually realised related to her growth spurts when everything took a step backwrds. she actually seems to have little sensation although became determined to wear pretty knickers like the other girls in school when she reached age four!. we worked with her school and 1:1 to fit a consistent toileting routine around the timetable and she learned to tell the time- we bought her a watch with a vibrating alarm to prompt her to go to the toilet. she needs movicol to manage her bowels and is able to co ordinate the muscles to poo each evening ( sorry if too graphic!) . we do have to monitor this carefully to ensure that the balance of meds is appropriate. Libis peads are not sure wether she will ever have sensation but all that matters to Libi is that she can wear pretty knickers.......... we are so proud of her for using the skills she does have to overcome her challenges.
    It does take some patienece nd it is difficult not to be drawn into the great potty training discussion at playgroup/ toddler group etc however our very special kiddies do have their very special timescales and the rewards and sense of satisfaction are so much greater !
    Very good luck to you both xxxxx


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