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why are the police kept away from the action?

KatieR2KatieR2 Member Posts: 28
edited June 2014 in Disabled people
Hi Scope,

funny day. On my way out I shared a joke with 3 bobbies who said they had nothing to do. Went into town and was harrassed by a notorious drunk man who put his hand on me and said something insulting. Would have to be me out of all the people in that street. I know this pattern, I'm looking a bit disheveled and vulnerable because of all the service cuts.

How come the police are going back to the station when they are longing to be Starsky and Hutch and theres actually plenty of action going on. eg in the schools apparently teachers are at thier wits end with the puplis behavoiours.
Wouln'dt it be a good place to train the police and have bored police people hang about there and in town centres where there is plenty for them to do?

thanks for listening


  • popeye67popeye67 Member Posts: 7
    the cynic in me would say they are too busy ripping off motorists, the optimist would say the vast majority of kids are doing just fine and are getting a bad name from just a handful of people, there was a time people respected the police and they probably deserved that respect, we live in different times now.
  • KatieR2KatieR2 Member Posts: 28

    thats interesting you had a bad experience of the police. I feel I had more of a bad experience of jobcentre staff and the like. Where some people find them helpful
  • popeye67popeye67 Member Posts: 7
    most of the police officers ive come across were complete idiots who didnt have an ounce of common sense and actually made situations worse rather than better, put it this way i would be very surprised if the police have to take a basic intelligence test to get into the force because ive seen plenty who wouldnt pass one, as for jobcentre staff no everyone has bad experiences with them.
  • KatieR2KatieR2 Member Posts: 28

    there were times when I felt 'let down' by the police. But other times they helped me when I was in danger. Just a matter of luck who you get I expect.

    As for the jobcentre, the disability adviser was alright but the other people seemed dead scary and unhelpful and I wasn't always send to the disability one even though I have ME
  • popeye67popeye67 Member Posts: 7
    theres always a few decent people around, problem is they don't last in the job very long because they get as disillusioned as rest of us
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