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Hand pain

ScopeHelpline Community member Posts: 207 Courageous
Posted on behalf of Scope Regional Response Worker


I went to meet an adult last week who has cerebral palsy and has a lot of pain in her hand. Her fingers on her right hand flex backwards bending at the middle knuckle. She is prescribed pain killers by the doctor but is going to ask for a second opinion. She also uses therma care heat pads at night but they are over


  • amy_lou
    amy_lou Community member Posts: 1 Listener

    I have left sided hemiplegic CP & also have a lot of hand pain! (I'm 22 by the way!) I had a wrist fusion in June because i've had hand pain for a couple of years which wasn't being helped by other means. The pain can be described as a deep, intense aching, which is often made worse when I'm doing other things (my hand tenses up) I'm having botox in my wrist flexors tomorrow because as a result of my fusion i'm getting increased pain in my fingers (the flexor tendons are too short). If you want my advice, i'd say ibuprofen is probably the best painkiller to use. However, I would suggest that a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon/consultant is sought, because it might be increasing spasticity or another underlying cause causing the pain. In this instance, there are things that can be done, botox is always a good starting point, then possibly surgery for a permanant solution.
  • Katherine Hayward
    Katherine Hayward Community member Posts: 74 Listener
    Hi, I have tetraparesis CP and also have hand pain. My dr thinks its down to increasing spasticity, and I
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