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Food Thickener (Nutilis) & Bowel Movements!

LindaSJ Member Posts: 3
Hi, I just wondered if anyone else out there is using Nutilis/Nutricia Food & Drink Thickening Powder for their child? And if so, have you noticed an increase or change in bowl movements as a result of this please? Thanks.


  • LindaSJ
    LindaSJ Member Posts: 3
    Hi there, thanks for responding.

    We've been using Nutilis for around 6-7 years now. No one seems to know conclusively whether or not it affects bowl movements (GP says it "may" do...), although I agree it shouldn't - it is made from maize starch primarily.

    However, our incontinence nurse has now raised it as an issue, potentially as the reason for my son needing a greater number of pads each day than usual (and therefore for her being able to justify it), so thought I would see if any other parents had experienced any noticeable differences.

  • Samiya79
    Samiya79 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Linda,
    My son uses Thick and Easy Instant food and drink thickener. It has never affected his bowls movement. In my opinion it shouldn't either because it has no nutritional values. Have you just started using this product? Regards.


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