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Excessive Mucus - desperate!

Luckymum Member Posts: 1
Hi all, my son is 8 years old and has severe bilateral cp following brain damage at birth. He has always had gastric problems which are thankfully under control. However, over the last couple of years he has started to produce more and more thick white mucus - it's not saliva - and has a hell of a time clearing it. We're waiting for a respiratory referral but I wondered if anyone else has had to deal with this. He is at a special needs school and none of the other cp kids have this problem so I can't compare. It's seriously affecting everything we do now. Am slightly desperate!


  • LynneV
    LynneV Member Posts: 8
    Hi there,
    Gastric problems ..... does he suffer from acid reflux? Is medicated?
    Stomach acid that gets squashed up into the oesophagus can irritate the mucous membranes. They can then react by producing extra mucous to protect from the acid. Can be "claggy" whitish stuff.
    So if he's not on any medication for reflux, may be a good idea to discuss with your docs?

    My daughter takes Nexium (which reduces acid production). And she has some Gaviscon liquid before bedtime (which can help make a layer over the stomach contents, so if anything gets sent back up, its the soothing oily medicine).

  • klix
    klix Member Posts: 6
    Hey Lynne, thanks for your response. He had serious acid reflux that went untreated resulting in him having a Nissens Fundoplication and he is now fed through a gastrostomy Mic-Key button. The only meds he has is Lanzoprazole once a day.
    I think it is probably a mixture of gastric problems and I've just looked up something called Bronchiectasis which it could also be???!!!!!
    Have the respiratory clinic on Friday so will see what happens and update.

    Keep smiling!
  • barneypup
    barneypup Member Posts: 17
    Hi playit,

    My daughter is 11 and has the exact same problem, I'm clueless as to why, we have ruled out allergies and reflux and everything else you can imagine including central heating and cleaning products.

    Like you, none of her schoolfriends seem to suffer with this. Often, as i put her to bed, she can cough and require suction, every ten mins for up to two hours. The respiratory consultants are no wiser than the dietician.

    My daughter had a feeding tube fitted recently and is no longer fed orally after a serious bout of pneumonia.. I had hoped the problem might have been resolved but it is no different.. if you get any info which helps, please let me know! And good luck.. PS hyacine patches just made the secretions thicker and more difficult to bring up.

    PPS.. My daughter also sustained her brain injury at birth.. perhaps its relevent??
  • cilcil
    cilcil Member Posts: 9 Connected
    hi there try 1 organic apple a day might help


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