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Feeling really down

panther Community member Posts: 251 Courageous
I'm feeling really down at the moment. I'm currently going through an ESA appeal as I was put into the work related activity group when I was changed over from IB to ESA.
My appeal was put in in November but in January I found out it had'nt been received. I put in another appeal and that was accepted a month ago and I'm still waiting to hear.

On top of that I had surgery in December on my foot the 4th lot of surgery in as many years. This time I got an infection as well so Christmas was spent backwards and forwards to the hospital and I'm still getting alot of pain from it.
I need the same surgery done on the other foot probably sometime this year.

Then the other week the neurologist told me he wants me to go into hospital for 5 days for an extended EEG so he can try and get a definate diagnosis as to if I have also developed epilepsy or not. The week before this I have to come off the epilepsy medication he has put me on and I'm not looking forward to doing that.

As well as all that I'm getting given a hard time at times by people when I go out because I don't work now. I'm constantly asked well why don't you work? I work so why can't you. Much of this is coming from other disabled people who work at the supermarket down the road from me none of these people have cp so they don't know what problems I am dealing with. Or from previous work colleagues that I bump into who ask and what are you doing now are you working, oh you're not working at the moment while when are you going back to work you've got to do something.

I did some media stuff for Scope last week and even the photographer who came out at the weekend to take the photos was asking me so you don't work at the moment, why not surely you could do something why can't you work from home doing something computer based like inputing data there are lots of jobs you can do from home if you wanted to. Or why don't you start something up yourself that is internet or computer based.

I'm fed up with having to justify why I don't work to people who don't understand the issues I'm having with my health. I think the problem is sat down either in my wheelchair or on the sofa I don't look disabled no one can see the pain or fatigue and you only see the disability when I walk.

I'm starting to feel that I don't want to go out any more so I might as well just stay in bed because there seems no point to anything.
All these coments have only started since the government started on their welfare reform bill I don't think they realise or care the stress and upset they are causing to disabled people.

Sorry had to off load this before I go mad hopefully people on here will understand as society don't seem to.



  • tiger22007
    tiger22007 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    I know how you feel going through the same myself have been suffering with degeneration of the discs,arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome and got so depressed put on Seroxat which has totally changed my personality,went for the medical and came back zero points,looking at the report I thought they had mixed me up with a different person,,so waiting for appeal date now.I do not go out much apart from docs and hospital to much pain and anyway I do not like going out anymore.Spend more days fed up than happy, do not think I would be around if it was not for wife might get more help if we all start drinking and taking drugs.
  • panther
    panther Community member Posts: 251 Courageous
    Yes I know what you mean you sometimes wonder just what do I need to do to get any help and support.

    I spoke to dwp last week because I was trying to fill out something else and was confused by their esa questions, dwp were the only ones that could help no one else seems able to answer any questions in relation to this benefit which is really frustrating. Scope told me they can't help they don't give benefit advice advised that I talk to the benefit enquiry line or dwp.
    As I didn't want to be in a queue for 20mins I tried benefit enquiry line who also said they don't do ESA!!
    Think some of these organisations need to rethink what support they offer because with all the benefit changes happening we need more support in this area than ever before.

    Anyway person I spoke to at dwp told me that an appeal can take 6 months to process!! And as I wasn't given a medical first time round I could be called for one at some point.
    She also told me that esa is reviewed every year so the thought of possible having to do an esa form every year and go through this process doesn't sound like fun.

    It's no wonder we are all starting to feel really down and beaten by it all
  • krizzy
    krizzy Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Not sure if this will help but to get the Pip i strugled at first then went to citizens advice and they were really good, filled out all the forms for me, as i can not use a pen and kept on top of it all. Had to wait a while for the appointmrnt with them but it was worth it.
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