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A crystal ball would be immense!!

msujb Member Posts: 9
Hi everyone. I've not been on this forum for months now but i thought it would be time for an update on our boy, 2 yr old Hazza aka Harry.
He is a joy to be with and has progressed so so much since our last post. He know runs all over although he still tends to fall over alot due to his balance.
His speech is coming on amazing and can now have a conversation with you.
He has all the mod cons including a second skin although our use of it is limited at the minute until he gets his helmet as he falls over so easily in it.
We are so delighted with everything he does and the real concern we have for our gorgous boy is he still has very poor hand control especially the right which is still fisted at times and when he tries to pick things up turns it he wrong way.
We hope it improves with time and more play/physio but....if only we had a crystal ball!!!!!?????
Has anyone got any experience of this and any physio for hands???


  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Hi. So glad little harry is doing so well, he is gorgeous.

    Elliots right hand is also the forgotten one, I think it is just because the left works a little better so he has concentrated all his efforts on that one. Us too for that matter!

    Anyway it has dawned on us at last that he needs, as best as we can get it, to use both arms equally because they play such a large part in balance. He is 3.5 yo.

    We now do a fair bit or hand over hand on the right side. I am about to order a SPIO hand brace (flexible) to prevent it fisting. He now opens it most of the time though it is when he concentrates it fists still.

    We also do sensory physio with it, gently moving it through its full range, opening and stroking the fingers, joint compressions, passively touching his face while talking about what we are doing, touching his feet and body with it. He actually looked intently at it a few weeks ago as though he never knew it existed!

    This is to make him more aware of it as if you are not aware of any part of your body, it doesnt exist for you! We call it pandy to distinguish it from his left and specifically ask him to do things with it, hold it, raise it etc. (which he can).

    We were a bit :-0 about 'restrain therapy' but our physio showed us how to simply restrict the left arm whithout causing any distress. Simply sit him on the floor with us behind him and lean over his left shoulder placing our left arm in front of the shoulder/arm - he then has to use the right, which we can guide if necessary (dont make it too hard as it gets frustrating). Toys with pushing actions, fisher price shop till, type of thing is perfect, and now he can operate it with both hands, although the right is still very clumsy - its a start!
  • msujb
    msujb Member Posts: 9
    Its good to know there are others out there and im sure in time our boys will become more and more accustomed to using their "forgotten" hand bless them. Here's hoping for further progress in the months to come.
    For someone who would never walk or talk he's making progression look easy!!!


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