Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Atos Healthcare Assessment

Nuala WattNuala Watt Member Posts: 30 Listener

I have an assessment by Atos Healthcare next Saturday to assess my capacity for work and eligibility for benefits. I'm 27 and have been on high mobility and middle care DLA since I was 16. I've just gone on to ESA after being advised to do this by the Welfare Rights Officer. This seems to have prompted the assessment. I've heard horror stories about this process - has anyone had an assessment? What happens? Can you give me any advice? I don't have a social worker at the moment as mine has just left, so I'm not sure who to ask for advice, if anyone. I assume you just go along, be honest and hope for the best. The whole situation seems a bit crazy as I've spent my whole life telling people what I can do and now I have to emphasise what I can't do. The world's turned upside down. By the way I have spastic diplegia and a visual impairment. Any advice would be welcome Best wishes Nuala


  • pantherpanther Member Posts: 251 Courageous

    I've done the ESA form but I wasn't called for a medical I was placed in the work related activity group, like you I have spastic diplegia and I also have epilepsy. I'm also on the same rates of DLA as you. I have a tribunal date for the 15th June as I'm appealing the decision I lost the first appeal so now it's going to tribunal, I'm pushing for this because the DWP have lied and said I attended a medical when I didn't. But after my friend experience I'm not very confident.

    But a friend of mine with the same type of cp same DLA rates etc was called for a medical and she said there were a lot of things like put her arms out in front of her, move her head from side to side, move her head to the side down towards her shoulder, put her arms out in front of her and lean forwards. Then lay on a bed and lift one leg at a time as high as she could, also she had to pull her toes up towards her and then point them away from her. She also had to say what life was like on a day to day basis.

    I don't mean to be negative again but when she got the results back she was told she didn't qualify for ESA at all, she is currently requesting an appeal. They said she didn't qualify for ESA at all because she could mobilise her upper body so therefore she could use crutches or a wheelchair to mobilise therefore making her not entitled to anything.

    So I wish you good luck and hope this post hasn't put you off too much. Let us know how you get on

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