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Suppliers for wrist splint

LibbyP Member Posts: 3
My 4 old has cp and has to wear a wrist splint. But, whilst the OT does provide them, they don't fit properly and are a bit butchered from added bits of neoprene and velcro.

The one we've been most recently supplied with is, quite frankly, a disgrace. Not only is it put together badly (bits glued on, already coming off after first day), more disappointingly, it doesn't fit properly. So pretty much a waste of time.

Anyway, I think i'm just going I buy her one, because it's most necessary, but does anyone know of a reliable supplier in the uk, more precisely the midlands??



  • hypermobilecat
    hypermobilecat Member Posts: 12
    I am 53 years old ,female with ehlerdanlos syndrome type 3. which is a connective tissue disease,early onset arthritis,joints that sublax and dislocate,varicose veins,hernias,problems with tendons and ligaments,various problems with practically any aspect of the body hence called syndrome,it is genectic,my mother and grand father had it and some of my c hhildren. It means we get seen by different types of specialists and doctors depending on what problem we are having,involving physiotherapy,bracing usually and rhuematologist.I came on here as i have been following the campaigns against the cuts and went to the hardest hit rally in nottingham last year. I have to use a wheelchair to get out and about and rely on husband and family to get out and about at times I get spasms and a type of ataxia an occupational therapist has helped me with equipment as my co ordination is not great. i saw Libby had wrote about her daughter having problems with splints,I go to orthotics at the local hospital,they do excellent ones for wrists,ankles etc.
  • Noo
    Noo Member Posts: 1
    Hi Libby,

    Sorry to hear the splint's not working for you. I would really recommend you go back to your OT to ask them to re-fit if they are custom making or ask if you could have an off-the-shelf option (these do tend to be more hardwearing and a better 'finish' as they are made by a machine not hand, but then you can sometimes compromise fit because of that).

    There are companies out there that will sell splints to the public but generally you won't get any help in measuring or fitting the product and these companies have no clinic knowledge and so sometimes can recommend the wrong product which could lead to increasing the tone and causing a contracture rather than preventing. I would give some suggestions but without seeing your daughter it's hard to know what would be best for her.

    Also because of your daughter's age she may be too small for a lot of the off-the-shelf options these companies provide.

    If after going back to the OT you really can't come to an agreement you can always ask for a second opinion, within a trust there are normally several hand therapists or you could approach the college of OT for names of private therapists who could make advise on a splint.

    Hope your daughter's splint gets sorted soon.


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